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Settling into online homes

October 11, 2010

There is a territory that we have now, that we don’t always realize that we own or rent It’s our internet presence. And much like other things that we own, we may find that there is little that we control.

Beyond email, the social networking sites, websites where we’ve posted, some belonging to us and some not. Unless they’re on a server we own – and even then – none of it really ‘belongs ‘ to us or rather, none of it is totally under our control.

Once we post, even the things we delete may not be deleted forever. There’s always some wayback engine or something else that I found recently, , that has archived some of my pages just before geocities closed down.

The world wide web on the internet  really is the akashic records brought to something we can see and almost touch and sometimes hear. It is a place where everything is stored, and yet may not be easy to find .  Both forms of records have information from many sources, constantly added to. To access the timeless akashic [etheric] records requires us to align our energy to a certain level of being; to access the amazing information on the cyber world we need to use the search engines that are also evolving constantly. Through both, we usually find or attract what we’re seeking.

The analogy is not complete or perfect of course, and I am sure the reader can provide the gaps.

I added new pages to my WordPress presence  today and realized that WordPress allows me to maintain not just a blog but also  a website. Just looking for my older posts on the www to link to these pages, was quite an exercise, and thanks to the judicious use of different search engines, I found quite a few. Then the question is, how much to link here and how much to let go.

The questions I’m trying to answer today are:

How careful am I  with what I own online?

How well do I keep a track of what I own?

And- what should I do to plan for when I am no more?

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  1. October 12, 2010 4:36 am

    Just go on as it is. Everything belong to supreme. Thanks you very much.

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