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Yesterday I saw a ladybird on a leaf

May 12, 2018

Yesterday, on seeing a ladybird on a leaf, I dropped the hosepipe and ran in, wet from watering the garden, to get my phone. I snapped her photo and then did the next 21st Century thing: I instagrammed (not yet a dictionary word unless it outlasts competitors).

With spring comes newness and the inner child comes out to play. A few hours of walking in a wild garden, discovering a ladybird just sitting around, and I realized I certainly didn’t want to scare her by saying ” Flat away home. Your house is on fire, your children alone.”
How fearful motherhood can make us, as we worry about unimaginable ills that can befall our children. In mothering, do we allow our own child-like joy and security subside?
It’s better to take precautions, then leave the cares in the hands of a usually bountiful universe.
As we grow older, the inner child actually finds freer rein!
Thoughts as we approach Mother’s Day weekend and I struggle with my own reactions and responses to the individuals I’m mothering…and who are helping me to grow into ….
Just playing in my garden

Today, as I prepared for a Sujok class, some thoughts flew in:

Red on green: fire on wind. This gives a new meaning to the ditty: 🐞ladybird, ladybird FLY away home. Your house is on 🔥FIRE, your children ALONE.
Wind is the first elemental energy in life. It helps us to find separate ingredients. Heat cooks them and brings them together as a unit.
I learn so much from life. Everyday, moments of inspiration, little satori reveals into this great mystery.
😆And that is why I smile.
As a teacher, explanations emerge in response to a question, and I am as surprised by them as the students are inspired.

Where did THAT insight come from?
As a therapist, the beauty of smile that emerges when pain leads the way to its own release, is a source of immense wonder and gratitude. You can see the Great Healer at work, gently allowing your hands, intellect and sensitivity to merge with Her, to be guided by Her.
Learning, practicing, receiving, experiencing: all are aspects of that same cycle of creation. All are energized by the smile of a loving Creator Spirit.
Student~teacher patient~doctor client~healer all are like that ladybird on a leaf, bringing a beautiful moment of definition to this wonderful world.

Tomorrow is Mother’s Day, a tradition started in my adopted land which has moved on the wings of greeting cards to my motherland.

Looks like the ladybird has flown full circle.

©2018 Meenakshi Suri

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