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Focus on Perspective

The first step to solve any life problem:
Have the correct focus and perspective.
Are you too troubled? Step back, and enlarge your perspective.
Confused? Zoom in, and be more focussed.
Here are techniques that can help us to find the right focus and perspective…

What message are you receiving now?

Focus and Perspective on Gumroad and Kindle
Change your perspective, re-focus and receive a message from the universe.

A New American Dream

A New World Dawns ~ Together we are 1O1

A Vibrant India – New visions

CHILDREN: Child Healing Initiative: Listen~ Develop~ Respect~Engage~ Nurture

Gaia Consciousness Messages

Healing F☄cus for Today 治療

L光ight F☸cus for T☼ day

What are you sensing ?


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