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It’s all coming together

December 22, 2020

After many years of doing many things in a way that it was difficult for me to say in one sentence what I was doing – as I wore many hats, I placed it all together into a company: CoCreator Circle. It has within it the vision of the whole world, of Gaia who spoke to me in 2009 as the consciousness of all on Earth, sentient and insentient.
Who showed me that we are here on this planetary home of Mother Earth and will spread across galaxies in times to come.
Gaia’s message came to me as the Gaia Minute.
In earthly ways, I’m a Reiki Master which I teach as a means of self unfolding and not just as a healing technique.
I am a Sujok lecturer and therapist, which is a healing modality for the light age.
I’ve worked with groups as a qualitative researcher and psychology teacher.
I still work as an office manager and paralegal, and this, along with my classes, helps to fund the fledgling CoCreator Circle.

My vision of this circle is to provide a platform where people of like vibration share visions and activities. It is taking time to form, which is why I am so happy to have found a forum where this vision has already taken shape. With the 52 codes of Barbara Marx Hubbard, someone I feel is an alter ego because she said so much of what I say as well, we are in a course with amazing people, called Homo-Universalis: Awaken the New Species in You.

Most platforms charge teachers to teach and healers to heal. CoCreator Circle offers from the beginning sessions that are free or with ‘pay as you wish’, and classes where teachers are given an agreed upon percentage so they are always participating in the earning.

Business coaches who are my students, can’t understand this because even ‘spiritual businesses’ follow pyramid structures or other ways of earning, but this is my vision and I am trying my best to make it work.

We had a beautiful spontaneous, last-minute whole day of meditations and gatherings online guided by my students who are themselves coaches and healers and teachers, on the grand conjunction at solstice, that is, yesterday. I felt that the collaboration I am looking for, is taking shape.

I still wear many hats, but somehow it’s all coming together.

When planets conjunct above, we connect below.

Thanks for reading.

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