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Meenakshi Suri

A traveler with you, in this wonderland we call Earth.

My journey connects me to those who are coming home. Who are aware of that inner light that has always guided them. Who can look within for strength and know it is coming from the Oneness that connects all of creation, allowing each color to share its unique hue.

In this blog, I enjoy sharing the experience of being on Planet Earth, with some of the doings. Sometimes people ask me what I have done, to get a fix on who I am. But once you’ve digested the food, it’s rather redundant to ask what was in the meal – why not just enjoy traveling together for a while?

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Awakening to Gaia on World Pulse

She wakes up happily on World Pulse

Prayer of Love for Mother Earth
by Meenakshi Suri

Mother Earth,
May we learn from your being
to persevere with faith,
to balance with grace
to embrace with love
and give of your bounty.
In Green Heart Education

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