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Geocities – still in awareness

October 28, 2009

Once upon a time there was a space on the web
It was called Geocities and it was my first virtual home

A fun-loving Yahoo! bought it, and changed it to
I enjoyed making the webpages. It was easy, and I felt so competent using the basic and then a little more html that I had learned! Not needing their ready-made pages, being able to set up my own. Experimenting with frames [remember ’em?] and ready-made javascripts, embedding music and learning to set it to autostart=off and later even css.

More than the style, was the substance that I could put in. The thoughts that no one around me was interested in knowing, but which were straining to be released. That seemed to burst forth as if unleashed from years of sprouting in the dark. It was fun, it was joyful and….it was wonderful when people actually read and commented on the guestbook or sent emails!

Today, geocities is no more. It was closed down on Oct 26th.

Does anyone care? I ‘m sure the thousands of those whose first home it was, like me. I quickly moved to webring that transferred the site on its own. Its true. I had not updated it in at least a couple of years.

I had moved to Gaia. Correction. Zaadz that later became Gaia Community. That allows a simple blogging platform, and even better, a wonderful community of readers. I joined to blog in private and moved on to the groups.

Why did I join WordPress? On a whim. Who knows?

From Holistic Living to Awakened Living~Holistic Living to Living in Joyful Awareness.

There may be something in the titles I chose.

Geocities is no more. Not even in the Internet archive. But somewhere in the labyrinthine reaches of mind, and in the fabled akashic records, 4079 Athens, Olympus lives on.

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