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Joy is a space all its own

October 24, 2009

Over the past three days I’ve realized that joy has nothing to do with comfort or even emotions. It’s something that seems to exist in its own reality, as if separated from mundane existence by a moat.

No wonder we can grin through the pain of muscles aching after a heavy workout
Or exhaustion after serving a special dinner to a family
Or even aches and feelings of being blocked, that I’ve felt over the past few days.
Or of wondering how my wordpress blog works, separately from the one at Gaia.

There is a different feel to each place where I share. Why not a different feel to each space that I visit?

This image seems to say it all – isn’t it wonderful how we find images to suit our words?
Fragrance of Joy
So today’s joyful awareness is:
Joy is a space distinct from all others, and yet its fragrance suffuses them all.

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