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Peace flows

September 29, 2020
This Sunday, at CoCreator Circle ‘s meeting, the message suddenly came: let us release our addictive thoughts. Later, I realized it was Yom Kippur, the Day of At-One-Ment.
I chose to release my addiction to peacefulness. Sometimes, in trying to keep the peace without we bring turmoil within ourselves. This does not help anyone, because peace comes from peace; not from fear of hurting or riling up another. For we are all aspects of the One, and what is not born of peace cannot bring about peace.
Yesterday, this resolve of mine was tested. I felt at peace as I absorbed the troubled words of the other. So this is important. We do that, as we are all interconnected. We absorb the pain of one another, as we are in the flow. And then, we need to release.
In realizing that, I woke with meditation on my mantra, and the lightness returned. Qigong and smile taiji helped to harmonize.
Are we responsible for what others feel? Yes; because there is no other. We are all flowing, and some are upstream of us, and others are downstream. And as I’ve seen in rivers meeting the ocean; sometimes the ocean tides flow into the river.
And so, the spiral of peace continues. Thank you for sending it my way. And for sending it on.
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