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views of solstice moon ~vision of now

December 25, 2010

I was blessed to view the alingan, the embrace of moon and earth in the early hours of twenty-first December as the hours of  the solstice approached.

It was an even deeper blessing, to envision what was happening, as it took place.

The constellation Orion was a witness as the sun graciously allowed its reflection to be eclipsed by the earth as she moved for a few moments between sun and moon.

Many around the world had waited to witness this once-in-a-lifetime event, a lunar eclipse at the December winter solstice, variously reported to have come around after 1378 or 1648.

When so many people have heart, mind, attention, intention, imagination, action set around an event, its effect multiplies spirally.

So it was that night when i woke to the alarm i had set for 1.45 am.  I felt rested, the night was still, the air cool and fresh, the sky clear.

The earth had begun to eclipse the moon. we’ve all seen the moon at various stages of its cycle, looking like a crescent, gibbous or full. but when it’s eclipsed, the angle is different, and the edge of the earth, with its ridges, casts a unique shadow.

Something rustled, something fell, and my heart fluttered. how quickly fears of the unknown reach into our heart. like shushing a baby, the mother energy that was flowing around that night, shushed my fears.  I began to enjoy fully the movements of wild ones, the falling leaves, the animals, birds and reptiles out at night. It was as I was when I was a child. Our family’s cat friend came by and rubbed against my leg, showing his appreciation.

As the earth began to deepen its embrace of the moon, the messages of blessed hearts on earth were magnified, reflected, broadcast through that special space.

peacepeacepeacepeacepeacepeacepeace they went. As a word repeated unexpectedly, a whisper growing in intensity.

I smiled to myself, even laughed. it reminded me so much of Dr. Seuss’  Horton hears a Who! The elephant Horton hears a sound from a Who, a little one who lives in a microscopic planet called Who-ville. To get themselves heard, they all pitch in to make a sound that people outside their planet could hear, to prevent the planet from being destroyed.

What sound was earth making that day? As its people, animals, plants, minerals, land forms, elements joined in with their sounds, their being, their essence, I heard a sound that is beyond description. It was a feeling, a knowing, a vision. It came with excitement and a palpable presence.

The sound is in the collective heart-mind, the akashic records of Gaia. Though formed collectively, it is so formed, that it can be accessed individually, at whatever stage each is in the journey.

There is one sure way to know if the message has been received.
your heart will lift when it does, and there is a peace beyond understanding.

Feel it, sense it, be it.

earth embracing moon ~ solstice lunar eclipse begins

celestial heart in the sky; heart shaped moon

celestial heart

multiple hearts in the eclipsed moon

purple energy with the sun-moon-earth aiignment

peaceful rays from moon

peace floods earth

words and images © 2010 Meenakshi Suri

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  1. December 26, 2010 9:27 am

    Thanks you very much for this description. Moon is the child of Earth.

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