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Sun, Moon and Earth at play

December 20, 2010

Musings on a Full Moon Lunar eclipse
December solstice, Dec. 21 2010

The moon travels from my heart to yours
Her luminiscence kissing the shadows
She absorbs the passion of the sun’s distant rays
Carrying the messages we send each other

Catch! she smiles, sending her moonbeams to earth
Got it! laughs the earth, gathering the scattered rays
Dispersing them into hearts in each hearth
The play goes on eternally

Just a minute, booms the sun
Let me get an edge in
With just a flick of an atom
Sun rays embrace them both

Earth and moon circle the sun
Their closeness allowing celestial wonders
Once in a while, earth moves between the two
Once in a while, moon eclipses the sun

The One heart smiles
The messages of love reach each heart
Sleeping or awake
Sun, moon, earth are always at play

In the Gaia Minute connection last night,the solar heart connected to the heart of the Earth.
In their melting embrace I called to Mother Earth, feeling her rhythms
For an instant, the moon sparkled, allowing me a glimpse into her hidden face.
While one face of the moon will be eclipsed by the earth, the other will be bright, facing the sun courageously, not flinching at its full glory, welcoming its warm embrace.

Moon Images courtesy
Other images from the web, with thanks.
[Pl let me know if you are the artist]

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  1. December 21, 2010 3:23 am

    Thanks you very much for these pictures and the fine narration.


  1. Tonight the earth embraces the moon | Journey to Wholeness

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