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the inexorable flow of love

September 11, 2015

I’m reading about the refugees, the inexorable rush of people from Syria and other countries realizing that they can leave a situation that is not right for human beings.

I am reading about Syrian children who have no state papers or nationality.
About people ignoring the paralysis of politicians and governments to open their arms, hearts, minds, homes to the refugees.

Something is changing….nationality, citizenship, right to travel. I feel something huge is happening. It is displacing, disturbing, distressing on the surface, but underneath, it is the inexorable flow of love. So much outpouring of love from people who realize it is not just governments who are in charge of this world, but that each person who is human can show their care.

I am deeply moved by each person who shows their faith in the world, and leaves the home that is no longer a refuge to the wider world.~meenakshiღ

child freedom

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