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in the light of the full moon we connected in silence

February 19, 2011

There was a wonderful experience on this full moon. In the light of the full moon, we connected in silence. In cyberspace, etheric space, spiritual space, heart space. We gathered together.

We decided to have several full moon sessions of the Gaia Minute call throughout the day, every hour on the hour.

Since  people would attend from different countries, the first decisions taken were obvious – have it on skype, because it’s free and widely accessible, and yet able to bring people together, time it according to GMT because that’s the standard, and request  help with hosting, because one person can’t host 24 sessions, communicate it through the social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook and Gaia Community, through email and telephone, and by talking to friends and family.

There were just a few days left to the full moon, and there was a lot of organizing to do, with all of us in different time zones, everyone brushing up on how to read “3 am GMT” as the time for themselves and also for others, and learning how to host on skype, with some having the latest version, and others having earlier versions, learning how to guide participants not sure of skype.

Grandmother Moon, about to wax to the full, looked on amused, I’d like to think, while graciously raising our energy so that we could rise to the challenge.  Mother Earth provided nourishment and restfulness through times of less sleep. Gaia kept our energy expanded. These are early days for the Gaia Minute initiative ~  it is just unfurling, as more people are resonating with the message about something as simple or seemingly difficult as ‘wordless prayer‘, as wonderful or at first terrifying as ‘silence‘! Yet these have been conveyed by thinkers, sages, mystics, guides over time and space.

Entering and leaving the skin of the gaiaminute on skype, were hosts from India, South Africa, England and different states of the USA. That in itself was such a beautiful bonding, as we logged in and out, not stepping on each others’  toes, not missing a session. An experience of non-ego if you will.

People participated  from Hungary, Bulgaria, England, India, Sri Lanka, South Africa, USA, Germany that I recall. What a wonder that people in far-off lands, following their own paths, life, systems of belief or non-belief, come together for moments in time, feeling a wonderful connection, an intimacy that we can rarely feel when we meet socially! Yet, how very natural this is, Gaia seems to be calling out: You are all one: your mother earth, her children who walk, swim, fly, crawl, glide, burrow, grow, or simply exist on her. You are one.

Many heartbeats, one heart

Many breaths, one life

Many spaces, one place

The Gaia Minute arose from this thought: Gaia is Calling.

Its simple  message is powerful: everyday at the same time, take time out and connect to the all that is one. Wordlessly, in silence, in gratitude.

This wordless connection is prayer.

As the sharing of participants showed, that wordless connection is love.

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  1. February 19, 2011 11:38 am

    Om Namo Narayanam. We are blessed by the sacred Gaia Minute circle. Beautifully recorded mata

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