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Communing in cyber space

From Evolving Soul Magazine, April 2012

The world-wide web of wonder is proving to be an invaluable source of inspiration, support, guidance and information for millions of seekers worldwide.                                           




Feeling restless, unable to sleep, Sama reaches out to the world. She logs on to her Gaia Minute meditation group on Skype. Sure enough, there is someone online. A little chatting, sharing, calming down, and then they are at the Do As One breathing room while meditating silently through their group on skype. The map shows others logged on from different parts of the world. What a wonder to go as a group and connect with five other people in different countries, different time zones, who probably will never know each other, but have all decided to meditate at the same time. Suddenly images of sages meditating in the Himalayas seemed not so fanciful after all. Once she goes deep into the etheric spaces experienced in her Medicine Reiki yahoo group, she knows she can connect even deeper. When she finally opens her eyes, the world looks different; calmer, clearer, more vibrant. She is no longer sleepless, but refreshed, ready for the frenetic pace of the rest of her day.

Bud is reviewing his notifications on Facebook. None of his friends would believe that a man who can always be relied on for a joke finds his sanctum in a group of lightworkers. Yet their messages provide information, inspiration and learning.  Today, he thanks those who have shown him how to deal with his tinnitus. Perhaps it really is the sound of Aum in his ear, and not an incurable condition his doctor told him he needs to live with.

Leaving his home, Pema knows that he may never be back. He posts a message and then adds his usual inspirational note, already feeling calmer. Before he has reached the departure point, thirty Likes and almost as many comments of support and love have been posted on his note. His physical address is changing, but not his cyber address. At least, not unless governments win the right to peek into personal profiles in online communities.

Elsewhere, a million virtual signatures are being sought in the Cause to prevent just such an eventuality.

Expanding from the e-lists and email groups, the myriad social networking sites are opening the way for people from Cairo to Cancun, and Carlingford to Čakovec, to share news, views, information, and causes. Apart from calls to silent meditation, language remains a barrier that online translation services are seeking to overcome.

There is freedom in the choices people exercise about which groups to join, how much of themselves to share,  and whether to silently start conversations, respond, or send forwarded messages. In an instant, we are connecting with an audience that few can access in their daily lives.

Online groups are a river of life, gathering people from many parts of the world, many persuasions, cultures, beliefs, interests…and uniting them as they flow into an ocean which is a destination and also a beginning.

Connecting through space

Does online communing take the place of everyday relationships, friendships and family? Perhaps, but on the other hand, perhaps they are allowing for better communication, by helping people find what they are missing in their daily lives. These communities can serve as virtual satsangs where we go to meet others with whom we can vibrate at a higher frequency,

The act of writing out a message instead of speaking it brings in a level of self-knowing.

Do you operate out of fear, a feeling of being in a dangerous and threatening world, or in a warm, welcoming, friendly one? Do you edit your messages before sending, or just post spontaneously, typos and all? Do you enjoy responding to others, or prefer expressing your own?

As we are faced with this surge of people linking to each other, do we sit on the sidelines? Swim into conversation or surf over the messages? Do we dive deep into a conversation or argument? The ocean can give life and take it, create and destroy egos, lift or drown the spirit, and help us to test the integrity of the vessel we are sailing in. Do we remember that spring for us is autumn for someone else? When we say Good Morning, someone else is ready to call it a day? In the ocean of self-knowledge, ultimately, like the old man and the sea, it is just you and the vastness of the world.

Return to self

A Hopi Elder has been quoted as saying, “It is time to speak your Truth. Create your community. Be good to each other. And do not look outside yourself for the leader.”  As we travel the web looking for groups of people whom we can resonate with, there will be many that don’t fit. But the ones that do, make it worthwhile. The real learning is to go deep within so that we find what resonates with our essential self. This is an ongoing process, and one that will help us move into self-empowerment.

When I travel to India this spring, there are plans to meet the ones I have met online for meditation. Perhaps that is what the internet has been designed to accomplish. The fabled akashic records are showing their form as vision, thought, ideas and words begin to manifest in the dense dimensions of 3-D reality. The three-dimensional world is moving from small village to global village to cyberspace. Ebb and flow. The ocean of infinite possibilities lies before us. All we have to do is dive into its treasure vaults.



Meenakshi Suri describes herself in her blog [] as a traveler with you; in this wonderland we call Earth.

She integrates her formal education in Psychology and Management with initiation into several healing systems including  Reiki Master Teacher  to connect groups of people for  daily meditation, through community pages,  the Gaia Minute initiative [] and in healing and meditation   sessions.

From Evolving Soul Magazine, April 2012

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