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This month, let us use another way of clearing and centering ourselves.

Take in three cleansing breaths: that is, begin with breathing out, gently and slowly, as steadily and as long as you can, and then breathe in slowly.


As you breathe in, say to yourself:

I breathe in the light, breathe out judgment with the first breath

Breathe in the light, breathe out worry with the second breath

Breathe in the light, breathe out the light with the third breath


As we widen perspective, we deepen our focus. This is the theme for the month.


Ensure that you are undisturbed for about half an hour. Switch off phones, make an intention and call on your guides for help in this endeavor. Then, sitting relaxed, read on.




The traveler dreamt.

In the dream a friend approached. What a wonderful friend this is; always with me in times of trouble. Whether it’s a meal to be cooked, a schedule changed, or a storm brewing, the friend comes through.

Loving thoughts flowed from the traveler to the friend. Can you visualize what color they were?

How wonderful the world seemed, with friends like these.


As the friend came closer, the traveler could discern an unsmiling visage. Why can’t s/he smile when s/he sees me? That’s not very friendly. I did no wrong. I helped when I felt it was required. Why no greeting? Does s/he imagine I did something wrong?

Fear flowed freely, changing the color of the energy flowing towards the friend. Visualize what color it would be; trust whatever comes to you.


Even closer, the friend did not even look at the traveler. The face looked angry, impatient, upset. The friend voiced nothing. Explained nothing. Well! That does it. Even if s/he is angry, surely s/he can tell me why. We could handle that. This is what happens when you are too good to a friend. They take advantage of you. Well, I’ll stop that!

And anger flowed, in all its colorful glory. What color was that?

Anger colored all the friends with the same hue. They’re all like that, aren’t they? You can’t really rely on a friend.


In sleep, the traveler’s body twitched. The dream became chaotic, heart began to race as the adrenalin glands started their work of getting the body ready to face a foe.


And emotions turned to physical conditions. Something abstract manifesting in the flesh.


And just as dream was disintegrating to chaos, a light shined through and the traveler felt the words:


I wore rose-colored glasses and the world was colored pink

Wore them dark : how monochromatic the whole world seemed

Removed  the glasses, and saw colors that made each flower bloom

And the glorious light above and around and within.


We can deepen  our experience of reality by changing the way we look at events and people.  Experience the liberating power of looking at a person you know from many angles, different viewpoints.


Each week, take one person in your life.  Ponder how they see themselves; how each member of their family looks at them; and how their other friends see them. Say three sentences about them; each time something completely different. You can deepen this experience by calling on your guides or any healing technique you have, as you do it. There are no right or wrong thoughts here. No bad or good. Honor what comes to you, and surround it with pink and blue light.


How easy is it to do this exercise? What is difficult about it? Take the thoughts you have, and visualize them entering your heart and forehead.


Share what you can. It helps us all connect within and among ourselves.





© August 2004 Meenakshi Suri

[Although words come from who-knows-where, they have been sent through yours truly, so if you do pass these on, please send them in the name of Meenakshi Suri. Thank you. ]



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