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The Message


~ Meenakshi Suri May 2003


This month’s mailer is an exercise. Use it as a visualization- not meant to be grasped, understood, accepted. Just a process, something to be felt, to go through.

Take a deep breath to clear yourself, sit comfortably, and be centered as a tree with strong roots going deep within the earth; branches extending far out into space.

The journey begins….


In the highest, the farthest, the deepest reaches of the universe, there was an anomaly. An almost imperceptible movement, a blip on the cosmic radar, the minutest re-arrangement of space-time.

 And its journey became the story of a message.

 A flash of light split the message into origin and destination.

A contraction of space split the sound.

A remarkable manifestation made it a thought.


And thus was it brought from timelessness to time, from oneness into multiple dimensions.

 Thought found its way to the river where all thoughts flow in a never-ending course. Roaming space beyond thought, the mind of the sage picked the message and sent it through the required antennae. Thought was becoming directed into message. It had been picked up by soul, and was on its way to minds connected with the soul..

 True to its source, thought flowed into each branch, towards an individual destination. It did not leave the river of thought: but continued to flow. Here and there, at the same time.

 As it flowed into the antennae, there were several branchings. The message was flowing into several minds.

 True to its nature, thought kept becoming one with its path. In the process, it transformed. The original ‘there’: the transformed ‘here’, ‘here’, and ‘here’. Not a thought that came from “out there”, but one that seemed to arise from within.

 The river flowed into a channel of powerful energies. Each mind that picked it up, dealt with the thought in a different way.  The anomaly was on its way to manifestation!

 As thought was picked up by minds, egos took control of the thought: “my idea”, “my thought”, “my invention”, “my gut-feel”, “my intuition.”

 Which is both true and not-true. “Mine and “not-mine” at the same time.

 Some problems arose when more than one ego got the same thought also wanted to publish it- two people at opposite ends of the world inventing the same thing at the same time; two ideas written into books by two authors.

 The message of the thought was picked up and expressed as a teaching by some; and the egos who listened had different responses. The message transmuted into messages, interacted with egos to multiply into manifold thoughts, manifested as words, intertwined with emotion, changing into action–reaction, conversation, debate, dissent, argument…

 The egos with awakened minds that had sensed thought as something they had picked up from the river as a message, strove to understand and follow it. Egos with less awakened minds could not pick it up directly from the river; so the message had found other channels to express itself. Sometimes, this produced reactions when they heard of it from another person, or read it elsewhere: “I already know that”, “that’s nothing new”, “that’s not original: others have said it too.” All true statements, but missing the immediacy of the message; the reason why the thought was expressed to them at a certain time and place and context.

 So egos in the manifested world, tossing the thought to and fro, played a game of throw-ball, like tides in the ocean of soul. And the mind of the sage, roaming space beyond thought, sensed the balance in the actions and reactions, the eternal oneness between the opposites, the changelessness of change.

 And the anomaly dropped back into the ocean whence it had arisen.


Here is the message for the month:

 Each thought that arises in my mind is a drop in a river of thought, picked up by mind for a reason. It may arise in response to the words of another, a question I asked or to a problem I am trying to solve.

The thought that is expressed from within or from another,  is a message, a reminder for a time. It may be a thought I have had before, something original, or something shared with others.

In each case, the thought is a message. It belongs to the moment.

I allow each thought that comes into my mind, its space and time to communicate its message. I do honor to the thought and then let it return to the river whence it arose.

I can sense a thought: the thought is not me.

I can express a thought: the thought is not mine.

I can feel a thought: the thought need not live within me.

I have a thought…and then I let it go.

I let it go… I do not lose it.


I can feel the river of thought that flows through me. I can feel my actions, reactions and response to the river. The river is changeless and ever -flowing.

I can swim the rivers of thought any way I choose… and rest away from it. I can see the river; but the river is not me.


The message lights my path. It is expressed through me and picked up by those for whom it is meant.

 I stay clear and grounded so I am ready to see the message in the thoughts that I encounter.

 I stay clear and grounded so I can see the river of thought flow through me and near me… but not flow away with me.


 Thank you.

©2015 Meenakshi Suri
Permission to share each post in its entirety, keeping all copyright information intact, and not altering the text or arrangement

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