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When we read after clearing ourselves, the words encountered go deep within, resounding with the truth we carry in our hearts.


So let us start by an exercise that resonates with the passage below.


Stretch yourself and then stand – or visualize yourself standing- in tadasana [instructions :



Feel the energy pouring into you from the top of your head – the crown chakra- and the soles of the feet. The two waves of energy meet at the heart chakra and flow outwards, forming a circle of energy around you, and all you love; clearing, healing and connecting. As they continue to flow, sit comfortably, and then read on below.





The traveler finds the forest stretching as far as the eye can see- which is not distant, because the trees are packed densely together.


There is not much of a path here, and the traveler is perplexed. What do I do next?

Go through the forest, or around it? Should I search for a path, or beat my own? Look for companions, or ask for directions? What am I to do next?


Why has this forest appeared before me? How hard I have worked to stay on the path to my goal. I have done everything I was asked to do: my actions, my words, and my feelings all controlled as I was advised to do.


I achieved great honor, received many gifts, and some of my sacrifices were rewarded.


But what of this place? This is not the place I wanted to arrive at! This is blocking my way forward. Why- I can’t even see the path going forward!



Why am I being punished in this way? The nagging voice within echoed: Why does it always happen to me?


There is no reply, and the weary traveler sits on the trunk of a tree felled perhaps by lightning. Through the wearying chaos of limb, thought and emotion, emerges the picture of the mountain path left behind. The clarity of the path traversed now seems so inviting.


Why did I complain about that part of my journey? The uphill climb seemed difficult while I was struggling to go forward; but it was clear, straight ahead, and I could see where I was going and where I came from.


It was possible to estimate how long it would take to reach somewhere. Feeling I could always turn around again, I did not actually need to do so.


These are the past days of my childhood. How easy things were then! Parents, teachers, counselors, family: people everywhere to guide me if I was lost, bring me back when I strayed, light the way ahead before I even asked.


Could I really have found them so difficult?

The traveler thought of the tears, rebelliousness and struggle, of those days – and smiled.


I was a child then, and did what a child must, to mature into an adult. Struggle against the work and against the adults as well. But they stood firm: if one faltered, another took the slack, and so – sometimes steadily and at other times, chaotically – I reached where I was headed.


Now I am where I need to be. All the triumphs, trials and tribulations of my past have brought me to this forest. This is a part of the goal I was working for.


And at this, the traveler smiled again.


I am here because I am ready for this. This difficult place can be tackled. I need to tap the strengths within to deal with it.


With this thought, weariness lifted. Mind and muscle rested, the traveler got up from the felled tree, that bonding with the tree which had provided rest and renewal.


The traveler stretched the rested muscles, remembering the yogic asanas learnt, and as blood flowed freely once more, so did the thoughts come clearly, breath evenly and emotions lent their strength to the task at hand.


The promise of union fulfilled once more, the traveler looked once again towards the forest.


Like the ray of light emerging from the rising sun, a path could be discerned among the trees.  


The traveler remembered the message heard long ago by the child within:


When the way ahead is dark, ask: and it shall be lighted.

When you feel alone, call: and you will be united.


When the focus is unclear, gain perspective.


Exhale a long breath out, and close your eyes for a moment.


Thank you. Namaste.



Meenakshi Suri



If you forward this writing, please keep all information intact. 

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