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Many Rooms in my house

Focus and Perspective ~Many Rooms in my house

~Meenakshi Suri June 2005

As June continues, the many places on earth continue to reveal their different facets. There is summer in the northern hemisphere, but ice in the very north. Winter in the southern hemisphere, and yes, ice in the very south.Some places are dry and others rainy, some stormy and others calm. Wind blows through some places and deathly stillness rules other places.The places where there are storms, wind, stillness, rain, snow or sunshine change; but the earth has these at each season.

When people have vacations, those who can, or want to, move to places different than the ones they stay in – someone is escaping the heat, another the cold; someone seeks wet, another, dry.

And the movement of earth’s most complex organism continues in each season.

The organism – the human being- is moving all the time. Whether asleep, awake, in REM sleep or theta sleep: the human is constantly in flux.

Chakras, energy bodies, aura, light body, endocrine system, circulatory system, muscular system…these are just some of the paradigms humans use to understand themselves, their changes, their movements.

“In my father’s house there are many rooms.”
Is my father’s house also mine?
What are the different rooms in my house?

Let us go on a journey to the many rooms in our house.

Calling our guides and angelic companions, we find ourselves surrounded in a safe, sacred space. There is light all around us, and we intend that we are open only to the very highest vibration.

Do the light breath for centering and grounding:
I breathe in light, breathe out worry
I breathe in ligh,t breathe out doubt

I breathe in light, breathe out light

Starting on a fantastic journey through my body, I find white blood cells warring the latest virus, while platelets rush to the skin to repair a wound. Up above, there is peace and silence, as the eyes take in the words of a book.

Deep down in the sacral region, there is a churning of chemicals, signaling suppressed emotions; while there is a room that is rarely opened…

Go inside and enter that room. What do you find there? Put on some music, and relax.

Consciously go over each of your muscles and relax- see where you hold tightness. Breathe light into the tightness.
Go around the people in your life, and see where you smile and where you don’t. Breathe light into the smile.
See the events in each day, and where you are light, and where you are heavy. Breathe light on the heaviness and let light meet light.

Take some time to stay in this room that you rarely visit. See what it looks like, and breathe light into it. Smell its fragrance and breathe light into it. Touch its texture and breathe light into it. Taste its air, and breathe light into it. Hear the sounds and the silence breathe light into it. Sense its energy and breathe light into it. Feel the presence, breathe light into it.

Know the truth of the room, and be still.

As you leave the room, take in a deep cleansing breath. You have lightened it, and feel lighter for that journey.

Gradually, rise to the surface of your consciousness, slowly look around the space that you are in, smile, and …. breathe light into it.

There are many rooms in my house…which will I visit today?

In loving light

© June 2005 Meenakshi Suri
© Background courtesy Gigi Anand- Visions in Tibet 2005. Used with permission.
All rights reserved


[Although words come from who-knows-where, these have been sent through yours truly, so if you do pass these on, please send this entire writing intact, with all copyright information. Thank you.]

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