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HURRICANE OF EMOTIONS: Seven Steps to Sensing a Storm

HURRICANE OF EMOTIONS: Seven Steps to Sensing a Storm

 Meenakshi Suri, 2004


[A hurricane is an unusual kind of calamity. Before it comes, it sends strong messages, unlike earthquakes or brush fires. People have time to prepare for it, but also time therefore to feel.


To get perspective into hurricanes and emotions, this month’s focus is on three bands of consciousness: the physical at the level of the hurricane, the emotions that people feel; and the actions taken by the traveler [who is now a hurricane hunter] and the people preparing for a hurricane.


The traveler flew into the hurricane in his doughty aircraft. There were two goals: to discover the source of his fear; and to discover what went on in that mysterious eye of the hurricane.


With the traveler, let us allow ourselves to be prepared for this journey. This time, we will do an active centering.

Ensure that you are alone and undisturbed for the next half an hour. Stretch yourself as much as you easily can, as if you are waking from a long sleep or a long period of sitting [which you may well be!].

Then imagine a pink light filling the space in which you sit, and swirling into and around you, gently and surely preparing a space for you where you can be safe. See how some of the swirls turn blue and any other color you like. Allow the colors to pass into you from the crown of your head, through your body, and out through the soles of your feet into the earth.

If you like, put on music of your liking.

Then, read on.



High above, and sometimes below, around or to the side; ever beyond our sky, the warm sun shines and watches over its planet Earth.

High above, or deep inside, all around us and ever beyond our imagination, angels, devas, arda fravashs, malak, divine beings shed their light as they watch over each earthling.







Millions of tiny droplets of water rose towards the sun; and as they danced in the heat of the sun, they formed ring-shaped lines of low pressure. This was the nascent eye of an impending hurricane.


From the ocean of unmet dreams and unsung songs, each emanation of rage, hate, malice, and destruction are drawn to each other, creating depression and hopelessness. They began to rise towards the region of hope. This was the nascent nucleus of an impending emotional storm.


The traveler sent information to all about the beginning of this storm. The messages were heeded by angels and mortals, in television and dreams. Preparations began: food for the fallout, and prayers for prevention. Lightwork awoke to the need.








Air was pulled towards this low pressure, and strong winds resulted. Following the laws of nature, they began to rotate counter-clockwise.  Having done its work, the eye was calm, allowing the winds to do its work, propelling it towards land.


Feelings of hopelessness, sadness, anger, frustration, despair were drawn to the rising currents of those stronger emotions. They merged with the feelings of hundreds of others like themselves. As other emotions rushed towards the rising current, winds of change began to blow. They organized around the central power that was developing and strengthening with each passing moment. The time was ripe for this force to move against those the central cell eyed as its foes.



This message too, was passed on by the traveler-through-the-storm.  The growing storm was watched; and the watchers stayed at the ready.  At the shops, supplies were bought up in bulk. There was an air of panic held under check and a few nervous laughs heard. Lightworkers began to call on guides and angels.







The winds began to blow faster, especially near the center. Reaching the surface of the ocean as they rotated, they picked up more and more water.  The storm was feeding itself into a hurricane. Distinctive spirals of stormy weather began to form.



Like an invading army gathering fresh recruits, the hurricane of emotions picked up the free-floating rage of all it encountered. This was a region where nationalities, loyalties, familial ties: all were forgotten in the splendor of that integrating storm of hate.



The opposition was getting ready. As the traveler sent information, it was studied, analyzed, and passed on to those who could help everyone affected, prepare to face it. A storm preparing up there mirrored a storm of preparation down here….and up there…and in here. 






The air that fell back towards the center, warmed it, and formed an eye that was clear, calm and cloud-free. The eye was surrounded by the fiercest winds, through which it would do its work. The first spirals began to cause seas to swell and fierce winds on-shore islands.



As the developing cell saw its strength increasing, and passing all tests of organization, it began to become calm, focusing on directing the actions of the soldiers. Its emotions were in check as those of the people around it were raging. 



The traveler began to make more and more frequent flights. When on land, there was an awareness of the preparations people needed to make. The late-to-panic needed to begin their preparations. More and more homes were shuttered. Stores began to run out of supplies. Angry conversations took place on cell phones. Cars lined up outside gas station and there were long waits. Lightworkers called upon the storm to calm down or shed its fury in a way that would harm least number of people.










As the winds went through the eye, they passed by many thunderstorms. These caused them to fall ever faster towards the oceanic body of water.


The hurricane was storming on the very ocean that had formed it.



The people who had given up their emotions began now to fear the army they saw before them. Rage given up was replaced by fear of what that rage had become.


The emotional storm was ready to ravage the very people whence it had arisen.



As the traveler went through once again, the inner storms buffeted the aircraft. Fatigue had set in. Yet, the tireless instruments continued their messages.

There was a run on the banks and ATM machines ran out of cash. Gas stations began to close down as they ran out of gas. Schools declared a holiday. Evacuations clogged the roads. Relatives and friends rarely heard from,  called from all over to check if their loved ones were safe.


The uncertainty of where the eye would hit was unbearable.







And then- a setback. From out of an unforeseen direction, a strong band of cold current began to flow. This was a setback for the onrushing hurricane. Time to slow down a bit, and change its path.


A miracle! Kindness, protectiveness, care slipped through the gaps between fears and rage.  Neighbor began to help helpless neighbor prepare for the storm; supplies were bought, advice traded, evacuation plans prepared. Families drew close together; and those not directly involved began to keep in touch with those about to be affected by the storm.


Prayers continued to circulate up and in and around. 


The hurricane of emotions was appeased, slowed, gentled.


The traveler’s flights into the hurricane stopped and the hurricane made landfall as a tropical storm.  Rains and wind lashed the land; many roofs blew off, trees and road signs fell, there was flooding in places. But the people- prepared for a hurricane- blew a sigh of relief at the weaker storm. In-between the spiraling gusts of wind and rain, there were visits to neighbors and friends, walks on safer streets as all other activity ceased due to the storm, and staying at home was not so bearable. Some felt anti-climax, others thankful for answered prayers; lightworkers could sense the presence of angels.  







And yet another hurricane brewed in the ocean far away.

What is a hurricane? Wind and water whirling from ocean to land; a force that little can withstand; which destroys yet cannot kill. For there are forces that can stop or weaken a hurricane. They are cold air and dry land; fearlessness and preparation.

At the edge of the hurricane, the will of the people meets the willfulness of the wind.


The emotions of depression at the damage done, wish to escape,  fear of the other hurricane, anger at neighbors who did not help, or relatives who did not call, all began to intensify and coalesce…..


And the traveler knew that another hurricane awaited a flight into its interior. And people decided to keep their shutters up and supplies refreshed, even as schools and business tried to limp back to normal.





And below it all, even in the deepest reaches of the ocean, and the densest parts of forests, where sunlight does not reach; light shines as hope.

In the deepest, darkest reaches of human life, hope summons the angels.





© August 2004 Meenakshi Suri

[Although words come from who-knows-where, these have been sent through yours truly, so if you do pass these on, please send them in the name of Meenakshi Suri. Thank you. If you have received this through a forward, why not join the free mailer list? Email ]



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