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Focusing on your Shadow ~A new moon meditation

Focusing on your Shadow ~A new moon meditation

As we walk towards light, we cast a shadow behind us. As we walk away from light, a shadow precedes us.The shadow comes from the physical body, the density that the soul has chosen to house itself to live in this material world.

The night of the new moon is approaching – on April 17th, we see the shadowed side of the moon. It is a perfect time to take the hand of our guides, or take hold of the golden string to our inner self, and walk the labyrinth of our shadows.

Jung asked, “Would you rather be good or whole?”

Many women choose goodness, and as a result, are fractured. It is especially important to explore your shadow as you strive for the light, because this often increases its density. This occurs because what you resist in life tends to persist and even become stronger. If you resist your dark side, it becomes more solid.

-Denise Linn~ Facing Your Shadow

Shadows hold our potential- what we might be, what we can become; the parts of us that we hide till the right time. If you feel the time is right, don’t hesitate to look into your secret treasure.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Meditation for the new moon:

You stand outside a cave, unsure of what lies within.
Breathe in light, breathe out light
Breathe in light and allow it to encircle you, making you a light body.
Feel the light shining in your heart chakra, and linking to the light deep within the cave.

Light calling out to light…you see a subtle golden thread leading into the cave. Holding it in your hand, you go within.

Imagine the journeys within the cave, the treasures you find in each passage, the inner knowing that guides your steps. If fear intrudes, shine your heart-light on it, and it will vaporize.

There is hidden music, forgotten fragrances, half-remembered friends and relatives. You find yourself – not in a strange place, but a familiar one. Like the womb of your mother, before you were born. Nurturing, calming, loving. You begin to feel fragments of you come back, re-connections, become whole, healed.

Going within to the heart of the cave, you see water, and an island in the center. Here in this place of darkness, there is no shadow. In this cave of wonders, there is so much light! You meet your guide and receive a crystal ball.

Look within the crystal ball, and see what lies there for you. Ask a question and trust whatever you imagine, know or feel you see. Spend as much time as you want to, in this secret space.

When you are ready, your golden thread brings you back. Take a deep breath, and feel it go into each cell of your body, deep down into the soles of your feet. Your secret cave is no longer secret; the shadows are lightened by your visit.

In the night of the new moon, there is not just goodness but healing and love in the shadows.


©April 2007 Meenakshi Suri
A copyright for the Now Age: Yes, you can share, and yes you can forward,
As you do, please keep the wholeness of the words
For some of the light within the words is lost
If some of the words are removed
Names and Titles are part of the pattern.

Thank you


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