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Focus and Perspective

Posts from my first website
The first step to solve any life problem:
Have the correct focus and perspective.
Are you too troubled? Step back, and enlarge your perspective.
Confused? Zoom in, and be more focussed.
Here are techniques that can help us to find the right focus and perspective…
What situations call for a clear focus? When do we need a wider perspective?
These are the mailers sent out from the Focus and Perspective group.
Basic technique for grounding and centering– use before reading each meditation
The Arjuna Factor Readers write about the Arjuna Factor
Our Facets-The Blind Men and the Elephant Readers Respond
The healer’s view of life:Allopathic ~ Homeopathic ~Ayurvedic~ Energy
Window into Ourselves-Dimensions of our Facets
The Tree in the Storm: Toughness and Strength
Sagar Manthan: Churning of the Primeval Ocean
Journey into the Self: Pandora’s Box or Hidden Treasure?
The Message
When Focus Burns ~ Perspective Cools
Looking for NotGod
The Camera and the Photographer: A Bird’s Eye View
Path Through the Forest
W I D E N Perspective~Deepen Focus
HURRICANE OF EMOTIONS: Seven Steps to Sensing a Storm
“What If” and “What Did”
The Expanding Lake
The Eternal Now~Focusing on our Perspective
Many Rooms in my house
The Labyrinth of Light
Focusing on your Shadow ~A new moon meditation
©2015 Meenakshi Suri
Permission to share each post in its entirety, keeping all copyright information intact, and not altering the text or arrangement.

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