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Expanding into the eternal now

Expanding into the eternal now

Focusing on our perspective


Put on some relaxing or healing music, sit back, relax your muscles, and allow your glance to go over the words. There is no need to grasp, hesitate, understand. Just flow.

Take three cleansing breaths, breathing out long each time, saying to yourself:

I breathe in light, I breathe out tension
I breathe in light, I breathe out worry
I breathe in light, I breathe out light

Place your hands in the hakini mudra which connects both parts of the brain.

Feeling centered, we ask our guides to come with us on the journey into now.


In the eternal now, all is present, past and future The eternal now holds all desires- the ephemeral and constant, the selfish and selfless, the fulfilled and unfulfilled From the eternal now spring forth all destinies and free will, all possibilities and impossibilities, all probabilities and improbabilities.

In the eternal now you meet all aspects of yourself, all paths you took and did not take, all goals met and unmet, all actions we contemplated or took.

The eternal now in which we exist, contains all the people we have met, are with, and are to meet.

The eternal now is the space and time is the ocean in which we eternally exist.

To connect to the eternal now, we expand our awareness. Placing myself at the crown chakra at the top of my head, I begin a journey of expansion. Sitting quietly as I am now, I take in awareness of all the physical things around me- the room, computer, furniture.

Awareness continues to expand into the physical body- getting aware of external feelings in every part of the body, and taking in the internal feelings. Like a camera panning a scene, my focus moves to each part of my internal body. I become aware of worlds within that I can easily sense: the beat of the heart, gentle sounds in the stomach, other sensations I may rarely attend to. Expanding my awareness into each organ, tissue, cell of the body. I remember the universe that is within me- of cells, DNA, and atoms that contain whirling electrons and protons.

There are mysteries within my body that I have rarely attended to. Yet, they are a part of what is “I”. I continue to expand my awareness, outer body and inner universe.

Closing my ears, I hear the sound within. They may be from my brain, different organs, ears. It is sound divine: pounding, pulsating, beating, composed of many harmonies. This is the harmony of the internal universe.

What lies within this sound? Within the pathways of the brain? As awareness expands of the convoluted pathways of the brain, the neurons firing, I know that all memories of all events are stored in those cavernous libraries. Every fact I have learned is stored somewhere, perhaps buried under mounds of memories. Each sensation I have felt and not felt, each thing seen by the eye but not attended to by me, each sound heard and not listened to, each touch sensed but not known, each smell that wafted across my nostrils, is stored forever in that faithful recorder.

The memories and impressions of my ancestors, families and friends are stored in the brain. They help to pass on racial memory from one generation to another.

The brain is the keeper of memories. It is the keeper of hopes. It is the sensor of events. The brain is always in the eternal now.

As the brain, so is I. Always in the now. The eternal now. Always complete. Always whole. Always present.

Staying in the perspective of the eternal now, I can choose to focus on any of the many possibilities open before me!

Thanking our guides, we breathe a long breath out, and staying in the light, are ready to face the day.

[Although words come from who-knows-where, these have been sent through yours truly, so if you do pass these on, please send them in the name of Meenakshi Suri. Thank you. ]

©April 2005 Meenakshi Suri


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