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Why Holistic?

Why Holistic?

chakraLife is Connected
We are pure energy!
A child grows in an interconnected manner
The physical environment is one!
We constantly balance our various roles
Can a person be healed if the healing distresses?

Life is Connected

? Is there any other way to look at life?

Life is whole, not fragmented.
It is meaningful only when we take into consideration all its aspects.
Plants, animals, humans: we are linked to each other
and the beautiful planet we live in, the ecosystem –
all a part of Gaia.
The world is changing rapidly:
ecologically, there are fears of planet and climate degradation;
socio-politically, countries are re-forming, alliances breaking and re-shaping;
economically we see rapid rise and fall in stock markets
as the business world forms alliances and is hit by scandals over ethics.
All these outward changes manifest the deeper changes taking place.
Have you noticed how the word “holistic” is spreading everywhere?
From holistic health to holistic animal care
Spiritual new age to business solutions.
The turmoil of the 20th-century’s scientific and social changes,
gave rise to a widespread feeling in the 21st:

The world is one. It is not fragmented.
Actions taken in one part of the world influence the lives of people in another.

Are we going towards doomsday or deliverance?

This age-old question never seems to leave us.
Towards the end of the 20th century, many thinkers
seemed to agree that the world was fast moving towards some sort
of “conclusion” or crucial landmark.
This feeling may still prevail.
But there is little agreement on what the “end of the world” means.
What shape will this take?
Some are sure the world is worse than it was:
there’s more violence, less values; and all this
portends disaster, doomsday, destruction.
And then there are the voices that suggest that
the quickening of negative energies is balanced by
the positive ones; since we are now moving towards
a wonderful state; the end of “kalyug”.
The end of the world means a spiritual change-
not necessarily a physical one.
Cataclysmic, possibly but not calamitous.


What do you feel?

We are pure energy!

Where has science led us? At a micro level
to a world where we know we are pure energy.
At a macro level, to a world where we are
connected to all forms of energy.
We already know that : we talk of
‘personal magnetism’, ‘good or bad vibes’….
The miracle of this past century has been
that science has moved from “Science vs God”
to “Science explaining God”.


How has the study of electrons and protons
brought us closer to understanding the universe?

A child grows in an interconnected manner:

Physical health influences and is in turn influenced
by emotional, intellectual, social development.

?Is there any other way to parent
or teach or treat a child other than in a holistic way?

The physical environment is one!

Viruses respect no physical or political boundaries,
as recent SARS outbreaks have shown.
The tsunamis in the Indian Ocean in December
have resulted in of destruction, death, misery
for inhabitants and tourists.
The effects are still being felt worldwide and
have given rise to the wonderful counter-tsunami of worldwide relief, donations, prayer.

When an individual neglects the environment,
it is not only the immediate environment that
suffers, but that of people he or she will
never know. It will affect their physical, mental
and emotional environment.

?Can we reasonably say: “Leave me alone!
I’m only doing this for myself.
One tin can won’t pollute the world”!

How can we live in a responsible way
and yet retain freedom of action?

We constantly balance our various roles

At work a person is treated as if there is
no place for personal needs.
An inflexible working environment can lead to
stresses and illnesses. When the workplace denies
the many demands on an individual, it results in
distress, tension and illness.

?How well can a person work
in a dehumanised environment?

How can we make the workplace more human
while increasing productivity?

Can a person be healed
if the healing distresses?

What is illness?
A dis-connect between an immune response and a threat to the body;
A dis-connect between a mental or emotional response
and an event in the person’s life.
When the body or mind’s natural processes cannot bring health back
a person seeks a healer:
doctor, homeopath, energy healer, shaman, or vaidya
Healing is meant to make a person feel whole again.
If treatment distresses the patient, will the medicine cure?
When doctors understand the patient, and see the person as a whole
their very presence produces a feeling of wellness.

? Can we be healed unless we are seen
as humans: not illnesses?

Examples abound of cases where the
illness is seen as separate from the patient;
and organs or parts of the body are studied by specialists,
as separate from the whole, rather than as related to each other.
Discomfort,distress, and tragedy result from seeing the patient
as a “problem” rather than a “person with a problem”.
[This is not holistic!]

?What can we do about feeling connected?
Can we –should we– get involved in the affairs of a neighbor,
whether a person or a nation?
Where does concern turn into interference?
What do you feel about Uncle Sam and the issues in Iraq?
Afghanistan? Israel-Palestinian issue?


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 This is not holistic!

Some of life’s experiences

When doctors over-specialise and fail to see the patient as a person and not a condition, the patient will suffer discomfort, distress or tragedy.

A pregnant woman went to the emergency room of a reputable hospital, doubled up in pain. Since it was the second trimester, the interns felt the problem was an expected ‘sciatica’. They scanned the foetus, found it growing well, and sent the lady home. Two days later, the woman was re-admitted to the hospital where the baby was born premature.

The problem: the interns did not check the condition of her uterus or take her feelings of pain seriously! Two lives were put at risk because of this. And let me tell you: this, in one of our “advanced nations”, and “best hospital”.

Whose baby? And whose patient?
All through my first pregnancy, I was in the care of a wonderful doctor. He treated us as a unit: the unborn child and his parents. Giving half an hour on each visit, he developed a relationship with us so that he could understand us better and also our needs.
During the delivery, his focus shifted to the birthing process and, although he took into account my stated wishes about no painkillers etc., his main focus was for a safe delivery.
The shock came when there was a nursing problem after birth. When we rang him up for advice, he said: Oh, that’s a problem to do with the baby. You’ll have to call the paediatrician. And the paediatrician gave advice related to the baby, but which didn’t solve the problem as she wouldn’t take my needs into account.
It was like being dropped from a height, and falling in a chasm between the specialities of two doctors. The baby and I, so long one physically, and still feeling inter-twined, could no longer be attended to as a unit.

And what of the lady who had a stone between her kidney and bladder? Because the different specialists concentrated on one organ at a time, depending on their area of expertise, the stone stayed undetected through months of excruciating pain. 

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