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Is a spiritual life for me?

A spiritual life is the key to a holistic one. It is what connects all our different selves to each other, and us to the larger society and planet and universe in which we find ourselves.

Living life spiritually is the only way in which we feel whole within ourselves. Our desires and longings – whether material, emotional, intellectual or religious – all are clarified. As we ponder upon them, they help us to understand ourselves, even as they resolve themselves into priorities and help us rid ourselves of conflicts.

Religious living is the outer, ritualistic aspect of an inner movement which is spiritual. Religious living may seem repetitive whereas spiritual living places us upon a path, a movement. A religious life hinges on moral and im-moral, focus on God vs a focus on not-God. In a spiritual life, there are no judgments, not even between ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ and no distinctions between ‘more’ and ‘less’.

There is just a path with experiences inward; that causes us to shift our focus and discover we are really where we need to be; where we re-discover our true nature.

There are no exhortations to be of serious mien, show a social morality or follow certain ideas. On the other hand, living spiritually heightens one’s enjoyment of life: whether of a film, a place or a person. It adds other dimensions, without taking anything away.

Spirituality brings us face to face with paradoxes: not just in an intellectual way, but in our daily lives:

How do we discharge our worldly duties in a responsible way while remaining detached from the world?

How honour ourselves as individual souls, undertaking the path to enlightenment, while realising that we are really one with the universe?

The key to resolving these paradoxes lies in self-awareness. This comes from an inner knowing through meditation, attunements, and spiritual work; that does not stop at knowledge and intellectualism.

From following our “inner voice”, our “gut feel”, after becoming aware of it.

A Spiritual Life

Is it for everyone?

Remember: you are not a human being seeking a spiritual experience : but spirit seeking a human experience”

Who is a spiritual person? A person who is connected: who is on the path to becoming aware of all those different “parts” that make us up: our desires, needs, compulsions, intuitions; our body, thoughts, emotions, relationships, inspirations.

Where are the Lightworkers? They are everywhere. They do all kinds of discernible jobs. They look like everyone else.
If you look closer, they relate a little more deeply to people around them, and seem at once more inwardly and outwardly focussed.
Whatever they may do, they really seem to spread Light around them

Did you encounter that cleaner in the hospital? In the odd hours of hospital routine, while Doctors and nurses reviewed patients’ status, the cleaner would go in to mop out a room, greet the patient and visitors with a cheery smile or a word, and cleanse in a few minutes the room and the auras around. People would feel just that much lighter of spirit.

“Am I ready to live a spiritual life? Maybe when I’m older, have more time, and nothing much to achieve. Won’t my life become dull and boring? I don’t want to become serious, and lose all joy of life. Spiritual pursuits are for those who are sad and unhappy. ”

These are not unusual feelings. This is a fear of the ego, that beautiful part of us that struggles to make us relate to the world of sensation and people. The ego fears to lose its identity, and thus be lost.
Could anything be further from the truth? When you decide to “live a spiritual life”, you decide to acknowledge that little inner voice that oft went unheard. That could in turns surprise you or make you feel discomfited. That kept up its sound till it was more uncomfortable to ignore it than to listen to it. Listening to that voice will re-arrange your priorities and widen your perspective. It will help you to bring together your feelings, desires, attitudes, gut-feels– in a way that makes you feel whole. And then it will lead you up the Path…

When you feel whole, you feel relaxed, happy, light-hearted, better able to enjoy yourself and laugh and also long to meditate. Dualities between fun and seriousness, child-likeness and maturity, material and spiritual– begin to get resolved.

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