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Can the Eagle be walled in?

April 17, 2018

I just read that wildlife movements in Texas will be cut off due to the border wall being built by America’s border wall , (calling it “Trump’s border wall” is to wash our hands off it in a cowardly way); and it got me thinking about the walls and boundaries we place around ourselves.
Before putting up a wall, it’s important to consider where the energy coming towards us will flow if its progress in one direction is cut off.
I’ve seen the effects of boundaries of light which can help communication or transmute an undesired energy flow instantly. So much better than artificial walls that imprison us into thinking that we are under attack, that we are too weak to withstand that attack, or powerless to transform an enemy into a friend or more realistically, imagine that every guest is a thief, an alien, and so, rob ourselves of the immense gifts the visitors bring because of one who sneaks in with bad intentions.
What happens when wind encounters a mountain? What happens when a stream encounters a boulder, or a river is dammed?
How strange that a President is leading a progressive nation into antiquated directions, following in the footsteps of other nations’ ancient walls and broken boundaries. Will this be a Great Wall visible from space, a Berlin wall that caused needless pain, or a monumental error of judgment?

May the soaring of the Great Eagle bring wisdom to a nation losing its essence.

May the dance of the peacock revive pride in the two nations which I identify with…, where men treat children as fodder for their nasty ends, and another where a child who could not grow up is running riot.

May the Divine Feminine rise to bring a healing balance.

In Gaia, we trust! Here, the walls are encircling arms that open for all: Mother Earth and we, her children whose petty foolishness dissolves in the irrepressible power of her love.


Image courtesy: world wide web of wonder

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