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Me Too

October 17, 2017

I was in a school hostel when a truth game revealed that each child had been sexually abused. Whenever people say: ‘Good old days’, or ‘ the world is becoming worse’, I reply: the hidden muck is getting exposed. 

I was so happy when, watching a film together the other day, in which a man was ‘teasing’ a girl he supposedly was attracted to, my daughter said – ”That’s rape culture, right there.’ I recalled writing about ‘eve teasing’ as molesting, back when I was in college, and a girl cousin commenting that I took it too seriously. It was pervasive. How sad that it still is, and is still thought to be just ‘men being men’, or ‘boys being boys.’

Yes, I know of both genders who have been sexually children. ‘Why don’t children speak up?”, I was asked. 

Because they don’t have words. Because parents will not always shield the child, themselves feeling helpless; and society has sickened itself by its obsession with grades (ref. the college students rapes), money, glitter, and pressures to belong. 

 The victims have been shielding the perpetrators. Imperfect, cold-hearted application of laws have helped them. 

How sad it is, that even as grown-ups, this continues. 

How amazing is the human spirit that it can rise above, heal, and say: ‘not again’. Not my children. Not my wife.Not anyone  whom I can protect. 

I remember a time when my wonderful younger sister fought to save me from a harasser; and I, usually timid then, found my strength  to fight for her when he, in defending himself, injured her. Our strength comes in standing up for one another. We have been weak, because as a society, we don’t.
We have been fed the ‘perpetrator-as-victim’ story. The #metoo campaign is revealing the truth that so many who were victimized did not perpetuate the abuse. 

At a soul level, we heal and help others to heal. Just as stages of grief, there are spirals of the healing process. And yes, one heals. Again, then again, then again. For abuse goes deep into the psyche.

The conversation must include healing as well. In time, it will. Only then will the muck hidden under stones, leave.

  First, the sharing. Or rather, the outpouring in a world we have called ‘free world’, ‘spiritual’, and if a time we called ‘the good old days.’

©2017 Meenakshi🌷

 If you are wondering what this is about, , Alyssa Milano, actress, started a trend when she tweeted:#metoo, and that she got the idea from a friend who told her such a tweet “might give people a sense of the magnitude of the problem.” 

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  1. Anna permalink
    October 17, 2017 10:18 am

    ((( ❤ )))

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