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That first reaction

May 3, 2017

That first reaction defines where we are not just at a moment in time, but in consciousness. ‘First’ seems redundant as a qualifier for ‘reaction’, but I’m letting it stay as, in a conversation, there are a series of first reactions, which define the direction in which the conversation is going. Upward or downward.

Such thoughts woke me today and I decided to revisit this blog, sorely neglected in favor of shorter posts on Instagram and pages on Facebook.

I was rear-ended yesterday; or rather, the car I was driving, was hit at the back by another car. I was stationary in the rush-hour traffic, but the impact jolted me. As my foot was on the brake, I see that the right side absorbed the force of the jolt and has woken me in the middle of the night! No pain, because of the first reaction of a friend who immediately did moxa, seed and magnet Sujok therapy on me. Just…a remembrance of what might have been.

Another friend’s first reaction, on seeing me receiving the Sujok treatment, was – what happened? I was disturbed that I hadn’t followed the standard procedure in case of an accident, and she counseled me on steps I needed to have taken. Very true. I did not ask for the other person’s insurance number or settle or anything. She was a young girl, like my daughter, and she told me she’d hit her head against the windshield, so I was more concerned for her. Her mother came, focused only on her daughter’s car, and disputed that the accident caused the scratch on my car’s bumper, and I didn’t want to fight her. I was shaken, I realized, and tried to bring her responses to her daughter’s head and my being shaken up, but she didn’t seem concerned about either. But by the time I reached home, I realized that the mother came to protect her daughter; not to do what was right; I had seen it and did nothing about it; and that troubled me.

We continued to a meditation on the Second Ray, which to me exemplifies compassion. In the golden temple I have visited earlier in visions, I was able to come to a closure with the mother. She was protecting her daughter and though in doing so she took away a lesson that could have helped her grow, that is not for me to judge.

I was a little worried – what if our already-strained finances needed to be stretched to repair something that’s happened to the car?  I wondered at the first reaction of my husband- would he worry about the car or about how I was? But I’m at peace now. I realize why I did not ask for anything from her. I can’t take from another what is not given in peace, or willingly.  The universe will provide resources to help me. I could, and did, nudge her to see the whole incident from a place of peace and harmony, but I cannot force her to wake up to this. I feel the incident will jolt her in an unexpected way, and wish no harm. The right side of my body – I will tend to it. For too long, the calls of my life have made me neglect my physical health. That was another insight I received in the meditation: how little thought and tending I have given to myself. Even after the accident – my first thought was about the other, seeking to reassure her, to hope she is well.

On my birthday, a healer friend had gifted me a Feng Shui clearing crystal and suggested I hang it in the car. I had, that very day, and in a flash had wondered – what if someone bumps into me? I was very careful to drive carefully and I know the accident could have been worse. That same morning, while washing dishes, I thought – why is it important to think positively? Because it wastes less resources; it is, for those whose first reaction is to think about money – more economical!

I am so blessed by my Tuesday circle, running for almost five years, and with only 2 breaks for the past two. How lovingly they tended to me, and were glad that I was receiving.  It doesn’t matter if we meet as healer, teacher, or guide. If friendship can dawn, we are in right relationship. As my right side twinges, more insights will come.

I will share what I can. In joy.

Thank you for walking with me.



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  1. May 9, 2017 4:15 am

    Reblogged this on Journey In Wholeness and commented:

    What is the first sign of a Reiki Master? The first reaction. From being one of anger, worry, hatred – the first reaction becomes one of wonder, peacefulness, compassion, watchfulness.

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