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I woke today, with….

January 24, 2017

…a vision of a yin-yang, and a tree growing from it. There’s no up and down in space, but the tree was growing sideways, from my point of view! The visioning world seems to have no time and space either!

Let’s see if I find an artist has already drawn this…



It’s not separate ~ dark and light. The deeper and wider the tree roots in the soft darkness of the nurturing earth, the higher and wider is its canopy, growing into the light.

There are books within me, still in the yin. Actually, they’ve been written, and need to be edited. Perhaps this year, before the retreat Maria and I are planning, in March. I wrote on Facebook:

When we are in apprehension, doubt, worry, there is confusion, a lack of clarity in thought. That’s neither here nor there. That’s the time to focus on our perspective. That book will be out — I intend to work on it. But before that, Gaia is beckoning, and her story needs to be told first.

See, we can move a lot, branch out like a tree, think so many different thoughts. There is a world out there that is vast. Widen your perspective when you are troubled. And there is a vastness in here. An emptiness that is so serene, that nourishes our soul. Dip into it everyday. How ’bout now?

Seeking your blessings.

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