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From ignorance to innocence

January 15, 2017

Do you feel you’ve got less than from life than  you deserve: of love,  money, work, fulfillment?

It’s ignorance. It’s when we don’t see the largeness of who we are, and of what the work really is, that we feel a lack. It’s not a lack of love, money, work, but a lack of perspective. It’s what we variously call ego, illusion, separateness, maya. A playful descent into the illusion of lack.

Step back from what you think you are. You are not just your education or station in life, you are not what you do, or have, or feel: you are the universe itself, you are the co-creator, the dream that you have of wholeness, of abundance, prosperity, love. That is who you are. Everything, and nothing. Accept. Surrender. Innocence.

What is the situation in which you are placed – in your family, work, location? It is not just a family, a job, a place. It is a space that has needed just you to be here, at this moment of time. It is a space that needed your input, your sensing, and your action.

If we feel we receive less than we deserve, we need to ask a different question – Not: “When will I receive what I want?” but “What shall I do, to see what I am really receiving? What shall I do, to know what I really want? What shall I do, to change the feeling that I have, of getting less than I deserve?”

And so we move, from ignorance to innocence. Soul descends from purity to illusion. We rise from ignorance to innocence~ Meenakshi Suri


In joyful awareness

©2017 Meenakshi Suri

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