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The path is always right

January 10, 2017

Seeds…Smile… Feet…. and a sage.
This was 3 years before suJOK came into my life. Perhaps it was foretold!

The Gaia Minute

In 2009, Swamiji was still with us, and a story came to me.

“As he walked down the path, the sage stepped on a patch of grass. Something poked the soles of his feet. Bending down, he found a seed embedded in the skin. Gently taking it out, he planted it in the soil.
It was the seed of the same peepal tree that child had played under…

The sage knew this was a sign, and smiled. The path is always right, but now he knew how his message would be received.”

~ © 2009 Meenakshi Suri, from the book as yet unpublished, Gaia Smiles

I shared this excerpt with him, and he, in his infinite love, wrote “I am really loving your writing”….

I felt deeply blessed. He is with us still, the seed he planted is now sprouting in many hearts. The movement is slower than I had…

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  1. January 10, 2017 11:32 am

    I agree. The path is always right. (All ways head to Rome), in the time you need to go, The difference among paths if it give more; How many people one can achieve. and most important how much time you need for the way. The window or doors of entry to Rome could close every moment, So don’ hurry. We may choose a path which give chace to attain 24 x 2000 = 48000 (~ < 500.000) volunteers for one Sync – Wave. For one day of the GLOBAL-Prayer we need 24 x 50.000 = 1,2 Million volunteers, Now it is 5.000 – 10.000 only . It is a loooong way to whole GLOBAL Prayes „Sync.” One age?, Is it? One age?!!?

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