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Mother Earth…our love was foretold by the stars

August 8, 2016

So far…..That’s been my feeling about delving into astrology until recently.

[Taking a leaf from my giften daughter’s blog, I invite you to listen to music while you read. Suggestion: Music of the Spheres]

I had no doubt that the stars affect us, for we are not separate from them; what I doubted was that we can know one’s natal chart accurately, given that it depends on clock time in a reality where it may not be accurately recorded.  Neither my family nor my husband’s relied on the traditional Indian way of deciding marriage based on matching birth charts, or getting them read before important events, or even reading daily astrological forecasts.

Once in a while if I read about the astrological sign under which I was born, it didn’t seem to describe me. It seemed to me that people were studying astrology to know the future, and I have no interest in predicting it. Surprising, since I often read the end of books first – but the journey of life – I’d like to savor each moment, and let it surprise me. Or let me surprise it! It’s really ending and beginning with each breath!

Given all this, I wonder why I’m studying astrology nowadays, but I am, and with a brilliant mind, young in years, laden with ancient knowledge, in a small group of three, so our questions get a chance to be answered. Everything’s interesting once you enter its world; and ask the questions in your mind. and finally I also found the astrological answer to the question of Taurus. Money? Possessions? Didn’t suit me. “You give importance to what you value.” said Jonathan. Absolutely – anything on which my parents or children have written, or drawn, anything they’ve made, every scrap of paper in which the names are written – I find difficult to destroy or discard. I value the dining table not because of its intrinsic value, but because it was my parents’, and when I conduct workshops on it, I feel their blessing.

In everyone’s chart, Taurus has a say. And this is what it is saying, according to an astrologer I discovered recently:

It is only because we live in a predominantly confused, wounded, and materialistic world that we think Taurus is mainly about money, possessions, and sensual indulgences. But Taurus is also a powerful symbol for enlightenment, and as we begin to wake up, it becomes more important to see Taurus and the 2nd House as referring to the potential for the truest inner peace, and therefore as well as to the obstacles to this real freedom.~Moses Siregar III

Now where’s Mother Earth in all this? Never f[e]ar – she’s never too far from my writing! Born under the sign of Taurus –  as the Buddha -I feel a deep connection to her, as he did [remember Bhumi-sparsh mudra where he called on the Earth to witness, and she did, at the moment before Enlightenment?].

Taurus is, at least symbolically, co-ruled by the Earth, in addition to its traditional and well-known ruler Venus. The overwhelming spiritual power of the Earth might be overlooked because you can’t find the Earth out there or directly observe its movements over time since you are the Earth and (unless you’re an astronaut) the Earth is always Here and Now. The Earth is closer than most of us think, because our bodies are (unless you’re an astronaut) indivisible pieces of the Earth. And like the enlightened mind, the Earth is eternally present, though often overlooked. The Earth, as the higher-octave ruler of Taurus…~Moses Siregar III

That’s what I’ve been saying…Earth is of the stars…it’s a celestial body hurtling through space, yet it gives us space travelers a feeling of stability, in a way that no other planet that we have yet found, can do.

Mother Earth is witness to all of us. Within her are the remains of our ancestors – buried, burned, or washed in her waters. In her aura is the presence of our descendants. In her elements, minerals, crystals are the records of our life. We touch the Earth everyday. Let every moment we walk on her remind us that like the Buddha and Christ before us, we are touching her and she is witnessing us.

Buddha bhumisparsh ms

Two years ago… the Jade Buddha arrived in Miami. What a blessing to be present at the unveiling. The energy streams from the presence were just unbelievable.
prithvi-sparsh mudra. Calling the earth to witness..

So dear friends,  my request to you all is to take a few minutes everyday, and just connect with Mother Earth, however you can. And astrologically…let’s see what else is written in the stars. If moved to do so, I’ll share. Meanwhile, those three books that have been brewing….need to be edited, and prepared. They’re probably not going to be what you expect, as they’ve certainly surprised me as they were being written!


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