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In the sync of time

June 9, 2015

In the sync of time, circumstance and Divine Will, a human soul takes birth. In the sync of time, it merges into the ethers

In the sync of time, season and inner momentum, a seed sprouts; with the sync of time it spreads its branches

In the sync of time, technology and inner guidance, souls meet in this life; with the sync of time, they part.

In the sync, is time. The sync of movement – of the earth and her planetary siblings, of the sun, moon and distant stars. Movement in sync is the dance of this universe.

In the sync of time, three daughters were placed exactly where they needed to be, as the mother of the infinite heart, who had spent much of her last years with the elder ones, allowing each to experience her all to themselves, now chose a time when they were away, with their children, and her youngest, the baby and the  guide, was with her as she breathed her last.

My great-grandmother, Barhi Naniji, the one who housed infinite wisdom in a small, self-literate person, the one who tended my mother, left motherless at a few weeks, taught us the meaning of time. Out of the timelessness of outer space, a miracle has been placed in our human being. It is the inner biological clock, that sense of time that can wake us without an alarm clock. Its setting is intention that moves like the dials of a watch to the exact time that you ask your body to wake the next day. “Pinch yourself”, she said, “and tell yourself – ‘I will wake up at 6 in the morning’, and you will.”  And we did.

“Always reach exactly on time,” Ma told us. Just a little early, not late. That has helped us three sisters to live effectively anywhere in the world.

“Half an hour after they are hungry, you should be able to feed a family,” Ma taught us, along with the skills to do so. This happens when you are totally with the cooking and the elements – leaving the fire to preheat the cooking vessel while the water rehydrates the pulses and you cut the vegetables. Working in sync, it is not you that needs to do all the work, it is the sync of elements that creates a meal.

They were of few words, my Barhi Naniji and Ma, and they packed a punch in each word! Much like the tiny seed that houses a banyan.

Today, that sync of many thousands who have felt the need for harmony, is sprouting into a movement. It brought together a nucleus of people around the seed of an idea planted by a Divine Messenger, Eli. The seed of a continuous wordless prayer project in every time zone spiraled out into the Gaia Minute, slowly branching out into the Hourly Universal Global Sync and who knows what else, as the consciousness of the Divine Mother Gaia unfolds on Earth.

The Mother knows that it is in the sync of time that a sperm can enter an ovum, a seed can be fertilized by another, that growth can take place. The mother knows that sync is harmony.

In the sync of time, my Barhi Naniji was made mother to my Ma, my own Naniji was taken to the afterlife, to guide newly transitioned souls and prepare for the passing of her child, and we met Eli, revealed to us later as Swami Shraddhananda, just as the online Gaia community was about to dissolve and he was preparing to dissolve into the ethers. In the sync of time, a message has come into this world.

Sync. It is time.

Ma's favorite avenue in Miami...of banyan trees

Ma’s favorite avenue in Miami…of banyan trees

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  1. June 9, 2015 6:15 am

    Reblogged this on H.U.G.S*: *Hourly.Universal.Global.Sync | Share to Benefit The World and commented:

    “In the sync of time, a message has come into this world.

    Sync. It is time.”~Meenakshi Suri

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