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Hmm…how do I describe myself?

September 23, 2014

A few days back a group of us met for the first time, and each of us was asked to describe ourselves.

It was for facilitating classes in a holistic gym (intriguing, right?). So, as my turn is coming, those words are swirling around ..I want to say it in one sentence. I gave the words the task to form themselves into one simple sentence, so I could focus on what each person was saying.

When my turn came, I found myself talking about what I was offering.  Mudra, Mantra and Movement. And in my heart I thank Professor Park Jae Woo who has formulated a way of bringing many ways of experiencing and healing with energy, in a remarkable system.

One person said — Hmmm. How do I describe myself? She struggled with it a little, as she has done so much.

There is a point at which all the layers of our life jostle to find expression.

Then a little bird comes and says – Tweet! And somehow the sentence forms itself.

I offer sessions of Mudra, Mantra and Meditation.

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