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July 3, 2014

In the absence of a loved one is the presence felt most strongly –  in yearning, wanting, wishing, hoping, dreaming, and above all, smiling. In absence is the loved one fully realized. The presence, the aura fills the mind, the moments of life, the chemicals of the body.

In the presence of a loved one, absence can raise its head. The fear of parting,  imagined or imminent. In the physical presence, the parted lover is also present. The aura, after all, is timeless, pervading all of space, and we can traverse anywhere and anywhen in that space-time.

I often wonder – can we not fully embrace the loved one, so that absence and presence are both equally real? The smile replies: you smiled, didn’t you? In absence or presence, you smiled. You are always together. You are always traversing one another’s aura. That is the gift of love. This understanding. This moment, as my friend reminds me, of satori.

As I write this, Pancake cries, missing his human mother, and presents me his back for a rub. He came as a pup, a street dog hounded by enemies human and animal, and has been raised as a beloved child by my cousins. With his independent ways, still prickly from his childhood nightmares, yet so open to love, he has managed to open the heart chakra of many who normally don’t like animal pets. I remember how my dad never forgot his childhood pet who died missing them all before they could get  him to the town that they had moved to. Thanks to this memory, he didn’t let us keep a dog. We moved too much, he said, and it would not be fair. How we dread absence! How present it is in our lives, that life-long decisions are based on it.


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