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Serving you serving me

February 4, 2014

When I come to India, there is the service to the mother, which is a blessing, because usually it means I stay more in body-awareness and allow myself to tend to my physical body. It hasn’t happened this time, for a variety of reasons, and the poor body, knowing it is being neglected, has been storing reserves.
Good thing, actually, because this time as I was about to return, my mother-in-law needed to be hospitalized and we are now tending to her. Her real illness – not looking after her own physical body because she was busy trying to tend to another. So, we are now looking after her. Seeing me neglect myself, loved ones give much-needed advice. So, we all are in the same spiral, of neglect of physical body.
Strangely, in the Mazaa Club for seniors started by sister, we had recently had a discussion on the importance of looking after our physical body, and I realize that this is one area where so many of us neglect ourselves. There is an expense of energy – time, money, thought, effort- that the physical body requires, and that many of us are unwilling or feel ourselves unable to provide. This causes someone in our environment to need to tend to us. And so, it goes on. We are inter-connected in a culture of carelessness of self and caring of other that can only be made right by one awareness.
Self is one.
Yet, it doesn’t end there, because the physical body needs physical energy tending, and so, I realize once again, ruefully, there is work to be done, and sometimes I need to do what I consider selfish – tend to my body before tending to the other – so that I can do what I consider selfless.

In serving the mother, we serve ourselves. In serving ourselves we serve our children. There is a physical truth to this that is worth exploring. A little hint: girls are born, we are told, with the seeds of all their unborn children within them.

Life is interesting, and in writing it all out, I feel joyful. Thanks for being with me.

Journey Into Wholeness

Selfish, selfless, self-serving. Three phrases, three vibrations.
In one moment of awareness, they are one.
All is Self. There is no not-Self.


Materialistic, spiritual, other-worldly. Lower self, self, Higher Self. Three phrases, three dimensions.
In one unfolding of awareness, they merge.
Self is multi-dimensional. All is in one.

Higher-Self[1]Body, mind life. Three words. Three directions.
From one point of view, the diamond of Self unfolds.
Self branches in different directions. One in all.

Self emerges

Smile! S..m..i..l..e.. Smile.Three words. Three ways.
In one moment of connection, each flows into the other.
Smile of body, mind, life eMERGEs from soul smile.

In gratitude to the beauty of this life.



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