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A celebration of Jesus

December 23, 2013

This is an ode to One who has filled my life and spirit since I was born. In the beautiful way of beings of light, he flows comfortably in that place with the others who are there.

His presence is deeply personal, and I am amazed at the places where he appears- from a metaphysical store in India where they showed him in yogic meditation to meditative spaces where he has brought his guiding presence. His can be a presence as close as a touch on the hand that can help you to take a leap of faith or a filling that can help you to heal.

A being of light takes birth

One of the best gifts from the Middle East to the world is a presence of one who brought light into this world from the time he was born. The exact date of his birthday is debatable, but we celebrate it on December 25th, a day that has been sacred for many years before his birth. The presence of the holy family is so endearing, in ways that are indescribable, but the tug on heartstrings is unmistakable.

Many colours, one light

He took birth in the Middle East, but his presence has flowed all over the world. Many religions have been born of his presence, all under the banner of Christianity. This light is variously called יְהוֹשֻׁעַ,Yeshua, Jesus, pronounced as Hasoos in Spanish, Isa Masih in India, Sananda by lightworkers.  No doubt there are many more names, in the true spirit of One Light Many Windows.

He is equally celebrated by people of religion and healers, lightworkers and meditators for he can belong anywhere, and yet not dominate, for Jesus is the one great being whose main message is Love. This is what my mother told me when I was a child, and as he probably has to many, Jesus has been in my heart since I remember being aware.  It’s probably no surprise that the school I graduated from, is the Sacred Heart! My parents were married on Christmas Day, so it is even more special to me.

One face has launched a billion images

There are many depictions of Jesus before and after he was resurrected as Christ. He is so dear to people, whether or not they are Christian, that each artist has wanted to portray him as their own. The colour of his skin, the shape of face, his emotions all change; but he is easily recognizable. This makes him real, human, multi-faceted.

Simply wonderful

Whether he is looked at as God or Christ, or Messiah, or one of God’s Prophets . Jesus is an approachable being : one who lived a human life, while his Divine qualities shown through. In this, he is aspirational for those who know that we are spirit walking a human life.  He  walked the earth in simple ways, personal, real, approachable. He is depicted as one who was equally comfortable when alone in pensive mode, or surrounded by people, strangers or family,  eating, meditating or praying. He expressed emotions and inspirations, and so he is one who can as easily hold your hand as wash his followers’ feet or be held in love by his mother. His followers walked with him, sat around him, spoke simply and yet recognized the special quality of his being.

The qualities of his presence help to raise the vibration of this world: compassion, love, connection, forgiveness.


Was he real? Was he born on December 25th? Was it a Virgin birth? What did he really look like? What happened during his missing years? Was he married? Is he buried in India? Did he learn yoga? Did One as great and holy as he was, really suffer the manner of his passing? In a beautifully delicious way, there are many questions surrounding the life of Jesus. The best way I resolve them in my mind is, that if he was not as stories depict him, then in the words of the film I saw many years ago, the story of Jesus is the greatest story ever told. It is one that has touched the heart of many millions. With all due respect, he is bigger than the religions that have carried his name, for he is far more enduring than any thing made by man.

Beloved One of loving light, I greet you on this day, and smile with your smile.


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