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When Nelson Mandela died

December 6, 2013

I was filled with sadness, a deep sense of loss. Every emotion is beautiful, every energy expands our consciousness, so now I  do not try to shift immediately from loss. I stayed with it.

I wrote on Facebook:

The Elders website

The Elders website

Not a relative, not in Friend’s network, never met, yet a sense of loss. We walked the earth at the same time for many years, and so I knew Nelson Mandela, and so I sense that loss.

Then it moved. I began to feel I am sensing the sadness of the world.  I sensed also that many are unaware of the passing of Nelson Mandela, but so many are aware, are feeling, expressing.

Once I wrote, the words are gone, and I move to the next.


And yet, here he is, resplendent, light, having shed his pain body, his material self, here he is. Look! In that vast mirrored lake within your heart, the stars in the Milky Way, in the minds of so many more than on the day before he transitioned. Today his essence is even brighter

Skimming through news channels, I noticed them talking about his life. We keep dying as we are living, yet that death keeps the living alive. That child, that activist, that revolutionary, the prisoner, the one in pain, the husband who divorced, the politician that Nelson Mandela had been passed to become the President, the Elder, the patient. A life largely lived in public and yet there was much that he kept private. All of it has passed – not gone away but transmuted into history, books, words, memories. Light.

The wonderful thing about him is : he lived. He dreamed. He followed his passion. He took actions. He won. He failed.He kept living until he was alive. He was inspired. He inspired.

It’s interesting – he once used words that Marianne Williamson had written, and since he was better known, they are usually attributed to him. This connection is beautiful and the message of the words now passes onto timelessness, into our collective memory.

For a while, we hold on – to our bodies, our lives, possessions, memories, words. Then, they all pass. But they are never gone for ever. The universe is a wonderful recycler!

So let’s see what comes forth, if I recycle the word death:

When Nelson Mandela died

Dying  Encouraged Affection Towards Him

Hmm… that’ll do for now.



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  1. December 9, 2013 2:53 pm

    A beautiful tribute! I love his quote: “Love comes more naturally to the human heart than its opposite.”

    • December 10, 2013 11:32 am

      You’re right Martine. A truth so obvious that it immediately resonates.

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