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The gifts of an In-between month in an in-between place

October 22, 2013

October is like an in-between month. It’s in between hot and cold – whether it’s autumn or spring where you live,  Miami is like an in-between place. It’s warmer than northern North America and South America now, so we get the gift of migrating birds. In the garden, I have spotted all colors. Every time I see a bird I haven’t seen before, my logical mind wants to know its name. The name of the species.

Luckily, a lesson I learned in childhood from J. Krishnamurti, saves me. Why try to classify the vibrancy I am seeing in front of me? Why not just enjoy this being flitting hither and thither? See its colors, its shape, its presence. Try to follow its movements from this tree to that. His flight helps me to take in the beautiful flowers that bloom this month, and are a little late this year. The harsinghar, or parijat, a tree that is fabled to have been brought to earth by the God Krishna. It’s a lover’s meeting tree. It is love’s meeting tree. Divine unconditional love. Ah, nothing in-between about that!

Hmm…and now I see that this is an in-between post. It got published while I thought I was saving it as a draft. Ah well, this is another gift. Of something that can keep growing even as it has already gone to the beautiful friends, known and unknown, who follow this blog.

I think I’ll leave it here. Experience this as an unfinished symphony. Not of the words that you are reading, but of the bird who is still singing.

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  1. homo sapiens permalink
    October 22, 2013 9:48 am

    Simply sit, breath. Looking around slowly. No cary, no mind, nor worry. Sit. Eye close. Time stand. . . Am I?

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