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Happy bREATHday dearest son

October 12, 2013

Twenty some years ago a babe was born. He looked at his mother, opened an eye and…

“I was giving you a wink,” he told me this morning when I was regaling him with this story, for perhaps the 20-something’th time.

That moment, when two people look at each other, and a living being that seemed a part of me was now face- to- face, strangely unfamiliar yet so much more a part of me than any other being, for he had grown within me. We had grown together. Were you the one within me, I think I asked weakly. No wonder he winked!

With the coming of my first-born, many people moved to new roles.  As I like to sing to him:
Nana, Nani, Dada, Dadi, Bhua, Mausi.

That means – paternal and maternal grandparents and aunts. Sounds better in Hindi somehow! He gives me a look which once was wonder, and is now gentle, compassionate. The roles are changing as that babe is now an adult and I am getting to be youthful again.

Happy Birthday, I wrote a card in the traditional style, and then Happy bEARTHday as I have learned from a friend on facebook, and as I was writing, this came through.

Happy bREATHday! How intimate the relationship between mother and child, that he does not have to even breathe before he is born. This was new for him. “I did not know that,” he said.

Ah, some things are still the same. I still have things to tell him. As I learn from him.

Happy Birthday dearest one, and if  it is true that I sensed you gently pushing me towards the man who later was to be your father, and it is the child who chooses the parents:

Thank you.

May every breath be your rebirth.

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  1. October 12, 2013 10:59 am

    Raghav, wish you the very best in this new phase of life with your first major job too !!!!

  2. Wanita permalink
    October 13, 2013 7:49 am

    oh how beautiful ❤

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