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Dispel the grey-ness

August 3, 2013

When soldiers suffer from post-traumatic stress syndrome, we know that a new world has dawned. One in which the ones who are warlike are not the ones who are fighting. The ones who are killing are not the ones with hatred. The ones who are being killed are not being killed in anger.

So – a person is killed by a person who then almost dies while living because he could not accept his own actions.

Why did the soldier kill? Because he was commanded to. Did the commander hate? No, he was doing his duty, perhaps truly feeling love for his motherland. Who asked the commander to do his duty? His superiors. Did they hate? No, They were driven by love of power. Where is the hate here? There are many many wrong notions. Many delusions. Many displaced actions. This is not darkness. This is grey-ness.

Don’t seek to dispel darkness. It has its function in the universe. Seek to dispel the grey-ness that clouds our vision, muddles our thoughts, disperses our words, forces action where inaction would have served better, and results in inaction where activity would have healed.

It can be done – not by anger, nor hatred, nor fear, nor apprehension, nor envy – but by knowing, by sensing, by allowing love that courses through our veins and arteries, nerves and breath, to bring healing within and disperse it without.Image

The sun rising from  behind a cloud this morning, probably gave this message!


Greyness has been dragging us down; it’s time now for clarity and light to lift us all up.

and so it is

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