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Slipping in to the India persona

July 5, 2013

When I come to be with my mom in India, it’s like slipping into another persona. I become more daughter than wife or mom, more in some ways into the life of my sister whose lovely household is set so beautifully around the needs of my mother. When I went to the yoga group that she attends early morning, I introduced myself as her. Not fully her, but in a way, enjoying the life that she has graciously drawn into her presence. For my loved ones and well-wishers, a quick assurance – no, I am not subsuming my personality; I’m just flowing into another aspect of myself. That of sister.

It was beautiful to be with the group of five who meet each day as the earth readies for sunrise, to walk and yoga in the lawns of the highrise buildings. I didn’t see the sun rise from this point, but the song of birds alerted me to his presence. After the exercises that bring mind and body together, one person shared a beautiful throught. ‘Raga’, she said, is love – it is natural to us. ‘Dwesh’, as the learned one she hears on Astha channel puts it, is hatred, and requires a lot of effort. It is not natural to us.

That brought to mind – naturally!- Swami Shraddhanada’s message to us to connect every day in wordless prayer to the love of the Universe that we experience through our Mother Earth and all beings. One of the group asked me to show them the Triorigin creation mudra and mantra of Prof Park, Jae Woo and intoning that, we fell into the blessed silence of the Gaia Minute.

The world is raga. Life is love. And there is such gratitude for its presence in my life.

Thank you for singing this life with me.

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  1. July 7, 2013 7:03 am

    This is so beautiful. Life is love…

  2. July 7, 2013 8:14 am

    Raga… thanks for reminding us that it takes less effort to love.

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