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So- is the sun rising in the evening now?

June 17, 2013

Many of us are ‘bound by time’; others try to break free; and yet others think that time is thrust upon us. It is almost a fashion among people seeking to break free of corporate and traditional mind-sets, to aver that time is a man – or rather – human-made construct. I have to admit I’ve said it myself – “Time doesn’t really exist in space.’
It’s a bit of experience with our flexible experience of time – three minutes of discomfort feel more than one hour of joy, for instance – than solid knowledge of it. We know that there is a passage of time in nature – the sun sets, right? Even if we now ‘know’ [we’re actually still taking it on faith, except that now it’s faith in science rather than faith in ‘God’] that the earth moves around the sun, and not vice versa, we do experience set patterns of sunrise and sunset. We know there is no ‘up or down’ in space, yet we stick to a magical magnetic North and name our directions accordingly.
The point I’m making is, that I’m re-looking at the two extremes of thinking of time – that everything should be done at set times, and that nothing should follow routine. Not surprisingly, as many things in my life, the person who made me re-think, and literally brought me down to earth, was one who called himself Eli. That name is so evocative and one day I need to do some more research on it. Even when he revealed another facet of his being as Swami Shraddhananda, that overlay of Eli remains in my mind.
He told me that it was very important not to get stuck in timelessness; that regularity of the daily wordless prayer for Gaia, that he was suggesting, is very important.
It’s set me thinking… and brought many insights. Mostly, how being aware of a certain fixed time in my day to move into the timelessness of meditative connection, is in itself paradoxical and yet keeps me ‘on earth’ even if I float into ‘space’. Also, that I need to re-examine time and learn of that magical invention if indeed that’s what it is, that affects our daily life – even that of celestial bodies.
Until the sun starts rising in the evening, and I’m not in Norway when it does that, I’ll delve a little into the physicists’ view. Here’s one: What Is Time? One Physicist Hunts for the Ultimate Theory.
Cliff Notes version anyone?

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