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Grounding / Centering

October 23, 2012

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Grounding / Centering

Imagine that you are a tree: with roots deep in the ground and branches spread wide and high.Picture yourself standing straight and tall, with roots extending from your feet deep into Earth. Follow your roots as they extend deep into the earth and then follow them as they spread wide around the Earth.

Feel how the earth is soft and yielding as your roots make their way. You are secure on mother earth.

Follow the spread of your branches as they extend to the farthest reaches of the universe. Follow them as they spread as wide as you feel comfortable, and as high as you can imagine, among the stars. You are expanded into the universe.

Then visualize how you get sustenance from mother earth. Your roots draw in the nutrients you need.

From the stars, you derive healing energy through your branches of light.

Visualise your guides and guardians who are always with you. Call upon them to surround you in light.

Take a deep breath in, of light, and a long breath out.

Then take in and out three breaths saying to yourself [with long breaths out]:

I breathe in light, I breathe out worry
I breathe in peace, I breathe out anger
I breathe in joy, I breathe out light

As the healing light continues to pour into you, you realise that you are linking the universe to the earth.

Say to yourself, aloud if you like:
“I honor my space in the world.”
“I am thankful to the the healing guides that are always around me.”
“I ask that my guardians and guides help me to manifest my deepest desires in light and joy.”

Smile gently to yourself.

When you are ready, slowly take another deep breath in and out, stretch open your eyes if they were closed; and go on with your daily life [in themorning] or to sleep[at night]. If you are awake, drink water.

Whenever you are upset, imagine that you are a tree. If you are troubled, call on your guides to help you.

The deeper we ground, the higher we soar


As a child in a pre-TV home, I spent my time wandering among trees and gardens of our homes. When I moved to a big city, I would periodically get restless and impatient, and realize I was missing trees- the feeling of trees towering above me; and not me suspended in an apartment above them! Then I’d rush home to my parents who lived then in a beautiful place with trees from all over the world. Within an hour, I’d be fine.

What lovely energy from trees that have grown in a place~ very different from trees that have grown in a nursery and been replanted when adult.

©Aug 2002 Meenakshi Suri.All rights reserved.
Updated Sept. 2005

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  1. April 26, 2013 2:17 am

    Trees lead us towards wisdom

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