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A feeling for 2012

August 4, 2012

We are in the last quarter of 2012, a year bringing tremendous transformation into our world.
More beings who were floating a little above the mundane, are coming down to earth, to walk with the people as healers, lightworkers, guides, mentors, life coaches.
From the ethers and heart of Mother Earth, they bring the higher vibrations to Earth’s surface.
For years they have been in this world, but not of it. Their guidance is from Source, and they have worked at clearing their aura, becoming hollow bones, clear channels for the highest vibration to come into this world to effect a gentle but lasting transformation. Often alone, sometimes lonely, they are now coming together, greeting soul families, gathering to renew and refresh their purpose for Gaia to unfold, for the Earth to ascend, for all people, animals and beings to move to the golden age long prophesied.

They honor the windows that have let in the light when the world was in deep darkness, even as the window frames begin to disappear into the light.
The mundane is dissolving. The world is rising to meet the higher vibrations.
Keep your light shining. The new dawn glows in the lights of all on Mother Earth, beings sentient and insentient. In the allness of Gaia, we are one with all things and all beings, a child coming into a world it does not distinguish from its own body.

Image is a collage of images from the world wide web of wonder brought together as Gaia consciousness is unfolding..
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  1. August 13, 2012 4:26 am

    This is beautiful insight thank you for sharing these enlightening touching words with us.

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