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…and the gifts come spilling out

June 16, 2012

Being with Ma and the gifts that come through her and around her, I am feeling charged up to formally offer the healing services I have been offering off and on until now.

Even getting a business card made is such an interesting exercise! I rope in friends – see what a blessing! – to give their take on what to have there. Put in your degrees, says one; hmmm… maybe not, says another, unless you have a PhD level degree. That’s such a story – how I abandoned my hard-won PhD course because my son decided to be born into the world and my husband got transferred to another country!  I love the reason for not getting a PhD, and though I have off and on regretted it deeply, I am now willing to let that go. I realize how confident I feel that all that my card has to do is simply show what I have done, and what I can offer; and  the energy of the offering with the blessings of the universe will draw the ones who are meant to connect to me at this time, for the highest good of all concerned.

I am so deeply grateful to the conditions that brought me here. To the earth angels who have assisted in amazing ways, all connected. To  my mother and sisters, my husband and children who have helped bring about the conditions when the universe offered me a chance to learn Su Jok  which has grounded and channeled my energies in a remarkable way , to my mother-in-law who encouraged me to learn Su Jok, Nira who realized that my essential offering is that of healer,  to Dr Mahajan who encourages me  by teaching and healing, to keep focus on healing others, to the patients who come to the clinic that I have been so fortunate to attend almost daily for the past few months, to Seema who helped clear some muscle-level blocking beliefs through Theta healing, to Saloni who has encouraged and helped me to walk daily, and stick to the beautiful ayurvedic diet prepared by Tanu-ji [thank you!], to Dr Mann who insisted it was time to focus on my health now, Kanchan who has cooked delicious and healthy meals for me, and…. the list is so endless.

How many gifts spill out when I surrender to the process of giving up what is unnecessary, reaching out to the earth angels who surround us, and honor what comes through the one I call ‘me’.

I must not forget to thank the patient printers who are putting up with all the changes I keep emailing them for my card! And my friends [thank you Vinita] who are giving advice. We are all aspects of the One, and reaching out to each other is re-connecting to the wholeness that we are.

So- that is part 1 of the recipe I give my family and friends for keeping your energy clear and flowing. Gratitude in the morning.

What are you grateful for today?

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  1. June 16, 2012 11:45 pm

    thank you for sharing your sacred journey. All is Divine Will

  2. June 17, 2012 2:48 am

    Love all, Serve all. – Sai Baba

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