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The pains spill out ~ Bhanumati ka pitara

June 15, 2012

Taking birth on mother earth we experience pain until the earthly mother enfolds us in her loving arms.

Tired and pain-ridden, the alingan, the embrace of mother and child is the first experience of love for the soul born or reborn on earth.  It refreshes and renews both after the amazing odyssey of birth.

The pain however, does not stop.

We cannot spend even a moment on this earth without having pain. Pain is possibly the most known and least understood facet of life. It is also the most suppressed which is a pity because it brings so many gifts if it is treated with respect.

The greatest gift of pain is transmutation.

“Good! It is good pain!” the young doctor had proclaimed when I lay shocked at the waves of pain for my first labor.  He explained that the body was naturally trying to help the child take birth, so the pain was not to be minded. He could not have known it, but he was changing the way I looked at pain.

I began to accept the meaning of pain, taking it as a messenger of something that needs tending in the body. Pain became a tool to study the body, not to be suppressed – that was like shooting the messenger without reading the message.  How many levels of pain we feel! Physical, emotional, suffering, yearning… I prided myself that I had a high threshold for pain and didn’t need to take medicines to remove it.

Then one day an aunt spoke to me of her agonizing pains, and I found myself bringing her to my Su Jok teacher. His words completely stunned me. No, we don’t have to be resigned to pain. We don’t need to suppress it either, and send it even deeper. We need to remove it, without medicines, using the ways of ancient ones that have been brought together in this century by Prof Jae Woo Park in a way that we can use for ourselves, and also under the guidance of a practitioner.

Dr. Mahajan saw the pains I was suppressing and suggested I learn to remove them as well. Thus began a journey that is helping me to come to terms with pain- not as a curious bird or even as a resigned one, but as a warrior-explorer, armed with seeds, leaves and other implements provided by mother earth.

I saw very early that as bodily pains are removed, two things happen – more pains may be uncovered, and emotional release begins to take place. People around need to help in this sacred process. As bodily pains leave, relationships are fine-tuned, and suppressed feelings channeled into  meaningful activity. The body temple, long lost in underbrush, is finally beginning to shine.

Even more, I learned to surrender to the process. And that has helped my inner child to play with the grown-up me who was rapidly running towards old age.

Oof! My body has revealed itself to be a bhanumati ka pitara – a treasure chest in this case, of pain. One is removed and another uncovered. This has probably surprised only me; for while I was not suppressing pain, I was suppressing the suffering it brought in my life. The pain of having pain.

I saw it work for my aunt who’s in her 80’s! So, while doing everything possible to rid myself of the pains, I can’t help but be philosophical about them. Thanks to the time it is taking the doctor and me to clear out the body temple, I am learning not only the theory but also seeing first hand the various techniques in a Su Jok practitioner’s kit. I am blessed to be able to learn them, use them, as well as experience them.

All light healing is this way – the healer heals themselves as they heal others. Hmm yes, pain brings a gift with its experiencing… but even more with its leaving.

Once again I am feeling re-born, and this time again, I am with my earthly mother. Just her and me, and the doctor. And my earthly angels.

Su Jok anyone?

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  1. June 16, 2012 6:31 am

    Pain is international and world famous. Do not suppress the pain. Just forget about it. Our brain has the power to heal any pain belongs to our body. It contains so many kinds of chemicals and the power of mixing them. Mental agony of course, far much different from this and we have to submit same to the supreme power.

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