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Looking at those hands

June 10, 2012

Two incidents pointing to the transformation in my energy.

I am walking with a cousin, and suddenly feel the presence of Lalaji blessing me. Lalaji is my grandfather [Dadaji, to those who know Hindi; paternal grandfather to those who don’t] who passed away a long time ago, leaving behind memories of his warm smile, gentle warmth and compassion as a doctor. When I knew him, he was retired, but there was always someone from the neighborhood who would come to consult him. He would take them to his fascinating home clinic, and tend to them. No charges. He was a giving man.

At least one grandchild in most of his children’s families, became a doctor – or felt the call even if they could not. In my family, they thought I would become a doctor, but when it came to the crunch, I had to gently remind my parents that as they had taught me to be non-violent towards animals, I could not take biology let alone study western medicine, because there is, from my point of view, needless hurting of animals in this system.

As I grew, I loved getting and giving tips about home herbal remedies for healing various ailments, and even dabbled in homeopathy for the family until I realized that a really good homeopath needs to learn much more than I had done.  Flower remedies came my way, and so did Reiki as a healing system. Energy healing became my preferred way and I moved away from bodily ailments.

Lalaji has come when I began to learn SuJok and for that I am deeply grateful. I discover the latent love of healing in a way that I can approach it. I recall the times he would help us to choose the vegetable best for plucking, inculcated in me a love of the land that I have allowed to sleep, but which is now coming back as I learn how to pick a leaf for healing a pain, or a seed for helping a disease.

The other incident is so commonplace. I was getting my hands massaged and as usual sending Reiki to the situation, so that all of us receive healing, when I realized that as the beautician went over different parts of my hand, my mind was going:  hmmm…need to look at that liver point. Or wait! Was it the GB? The knees need some help too.  Once I’ve seen the correspondences of my hands with my body, I can see that I will never look at my hands  — or possibly yours — the same way again!

I promise though – I won’t step into your personal space. Light healing has taught me that!

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  1. Wanita permalink
    June 10, 2012 8:50 pm

    are you taking classes then?or are you teaching yourself? it seems a bit
    complicated/overwhelming when I went to a website

    • June 15, 2012 2:14 am

      I’m taking classes and attending clinics. Some things are simple and easy to learn but others can take time. I find that having a practitioner point the way helps tremendously to know where to start.

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