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First, a story about germs: then a question at the end

May 18, 2012

Thanks to the oddly named oocities, this post was archived from my very first, now-defunct Geocities website

Focus and Perspective -November 2002

First, a story about germs; and then a question at the end:~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Once some germs, strong and old, from a long line of germs that had emerged who-knew-when from who-knew-where, going as always on their travels, sought a resting place and found it in a group of cells in a body. The host cells, already weakened from past infections, and malfunctioning, now changed their output by their association with the germs. Malfunctioning became calculated chaos.


Allopathic doctors were called in as the larger host became ill –a patient. In their tried and tested response, the doctors dispatched antibiotics into the body. Efficiently they killed the host cell- inflicted collateral damage to the cells around- all predictable and within acceptable statistical limits. The malfunctioning of the host cells was stopped; other cells could now take over, with the help of vitamins, the functioning of the body.

Using their highest intelligence, the doctors knew the germs were behind the destruction; and now began to search for evidence of lingering germs. They found none.

For the germs had not waited around. Their associates – and past experience- had alerted them to the possibility of the counter-attack. In silent purposefulness, they launched forth, scattered, and left the host cells to fend for themselves.

When the defenders came, the attackers had fled. The attack caused a mutation, and the germs were able to evolve as they always had, to the next level.

“Resistant” now to this antibiotic, they would need one much stronger to mutate to their next level. Experience told them that the defenders would come to their aid once again- they would develop the antibiotic that the germs needed for the next mutation.

The beautiful allopathic synergy was at work.


In some of the bodies where the germs went, the larger host- the patient- sought a homeopathic remedy. The remedy went in with the intelligence of the body. Helping to strengthen the host cell, the remedy caused the cell to cast off the uninvited guest as a pest.

Faced with an uncomfortable environment, the germs scattered, neither stronger nor weaker than before. The travels began once again, and the search for another host.


Some patients sought an ayurvedic practitioner. Seeing illness as stemming from a disconnect between self and the larger self, and the lowered immunity as an imbalance of the three elements [air-fire-water], the vaid sought to restore balance. The person was seen as a whole rather than as certain cells in need of a certain remedy. Over time, as the patient learnt to stay in balance, the body would learn not to be a welcome host for the germs.


In a state of meditation, the energy healer senses an imbalance. Healing energy is called forth. When the germs arrive, they find the energy already there.The synergy between germs and cells, remedies and illnesses, is balanced for the highest good of all concerned. There is no need for destruction or scattering- no need for the germs to seek another host. There is a calming down, a balancing, an allowing. In this state, deep transformation takes place instantaneously.


And now-a question [ or three]-

Do we treat all threat the same: from terrorists to germs; distractions to destructive people; competitors to enemies?

Do we change the view with every threat; or we do we have one way of dealing with all- one with a narrow or a wider perspective?

©Nov. 2002 Meenakshi Suri

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  1. May 18, 2012 1:54 am

    VERY thought-provoking, indeed, Meenakshi. Thank you for bringing this forth indeed. The questions are VERY timely!!!!

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