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Who are lightworkers?

April 28, 2012

It is not a word in a dictionary, but ‘lightworker’ has long been in world consciousness. Google can easily translate the word into Portuguese or Hungarian. Hundreds of images show up through search engines. Thousands identify themselves this way. Websites freely provide information and inspirations about it. Yet it has not entered the dictionary and automatic spell-checks keep showing a red wavy line under it.

Are you a lightworker?

You know you are by its familiar sound.
You know you are because of a lift in your heart.
You know you are by the tingling in your crown.
You know you are because it resonates with your hope.
You know you are because – you just know.

Sometimes you don’t accept it. You begin to intellectualize the word. Why light- what about dark? Why work? Like the concept of God, it doesn’t really matter if you believe, don’t believe or wonder. If light is what you focus on….

Lightworkers are in varying degrees of awakening right now. The more awake, the greater the thinking is through flows of heart. Each of these words just come close to describing the indescribable. There have been those through the ages of sleep we call darkness, who have stayed awake. We call them also by varying names. You know who they are. They have preached, shown the way, written poetry, given discourses, taught, held a candle. In the dark, the light sometimes blinded, at other times illumined. The ones who came this way, went through trials and travails that have themselves moved the hearts of humanity through the ages.

Someone asked me a few days back: I think I am a lightworker. how do I know? I pointed to various sites and groups to see what resonates. I asked her to look within for the answer. This morning I woke with a thought:

Lightwork is more about BEing than doing
More about doing than waiting
More about surrendering to where we are
than about yearning for where we are from
We are here now, able to access all energies that we have brought with us and that are here now.
We are the ones we think we are waiting for
This is the time we have prepared for
Guide the ones awakening to walk in the ways of love, to sprinkle love, to look with love, to be love

Then it struck me – being a lightworker is a little like growing up. A little like coming into your self-empowerment. A lot about expanding into who you really are. Into a lightbeing. Another word you just know, though it is not in a dictionary. Not unless you use words like energy or vibration or waves.

What do you do when you enter a dark room?
Do you switch on the electric light?
Do you feel embraced by the light within?


Published in June issue of Evolving Soul magazine

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  1. May 4, 2012 7:40 am

    Tingles all over! Thank you for this post.


  1. Dawn of the light age | Journey In Wholeness

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