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It’s all true:we are saved, were saved, have always been safe

April 24, 2012

There are at least four savior type of energies prevalent in the world today.

Among lightworkers, some are hoping for saviors from other planets to arrive in their spaceships to save the world.

Among lightbringers are channels of higher dimensions, usually in the Western English-speaking world, who channel Archangel and group energies to bring messages of ascension and hope to the world.

Among the general populations, there is not even a hope that the saviors who have promised to come back, are on their way – Kalki in India who will spell the end of Kalyug is one example.

There are also those who are thought to be saviors already incarnated. Some have declared themselves,usually in the West others have followers who declare them as saviors,in the East and West.

Let us take all this to be true. To reconcile all these disparate views, we need to go into an even higher perspective, an even deeper one.

That perspective is present even now. It focuses on the individual as a bringer of light, of higher energies, and of the collective as ascending to a higher level on the planet. To allow light in, each of us needs to surrender to it, allow it to clear and harmonize our energy patterns, to begin to vibrate in love and harmony, accceptance and acknowledgment, shining the light within when we encounter each other in the 3rd – dimensional material world and 4th cyber and thought dimension, and reach at least once a day the 5th dimension of the high etheric heart.

Many are beginning to do this now, sometimes oscillating within 3-D, 4-D, 5-D, thus causing what are called ascension symptoms;others are already at higher vibratory levels, and arespeaking through the channels and in the silent spaces of our meditations. We are all connected in a thread of light infusing the universe, and to see and acknowledge each other is to be all that we are and have ever been. Here is nothing ‘better’ as we understand with our thinking brain – higher and lower are all part of the divine pattern. We are where we hope to be, and where we have been. All paradoxes get resolved, all opposites harmonize. Words can only hint at this reality for it is only to be approached by sensing and occupied by being.

In this reality ones of other dimensions are already here – their ‘spaceships’ merkabas that are not separate from their energy. The ascended ones we’re channeling are within us, the voice of the higher dimensions where the presence manifests with identities but there is no separateness, ones not hoping are living in the moment, experiencing the dense realities we came to experience, and ones who feel they are saviors have sensed that the savior energy will and does flow through us all.

Every ancient wisdom has told us this. Know thyself. We are what we are waiting for.

~meenakshi ღ

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