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Try for a while the freedom of inconsistency

January 3, 2012

Try for a while the freedom of inconsistency

of allowing any thought that appeals to you free rein

Try for a while the trust in your inner self

by allowing it to rule your actions

Try for a while the ecstasy of flow

Uncontrolled by the one lost among the veils

Just for a while allow the beauty of the soul

as it sings its song





Can you let go of the need for consistency and habit? Instead, begin to watch and respond to inner and outer events as they are occurring. Don’t dismiss or suppress thoughts and ideas that are not consistent with your view of the world. Watch other ideas coming up. You don’t need to accept all ideas as true – just know that they are true for someone and allow them to pass by.

You may pick up a pebble from that stream to examine, and perhaps to keep for a while. But don’t allow that pebble to wear you down, put a hole in your pocket. When you are done with it, put it back in the stream.

Just being open in this way allows you to stop imprisoning your inner self to illusionary demands.

As with all else, watch these words flow by, pick up what resonates with your deepest presence, and allow the others to flow by. If you pick up one as a pebble, you can always put it back in the stream.

Healing F☄cus for Today 治療


With love






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